Unconventional & Colourful Wedding in Romania

Marius Onescu & Cornelia Ilie

November 13, 2015

Unconventional & Colourful Wedding in Romania (5)

There is nothing more exciting to me than seeing weddings like this. Ones with truly unique ideas and styling, and ones that so very clearly express the style and mutual awesomeness of the couple! Roxanne and George were married in London on Halloween but then went home to Romania for a big celebration.

Unconventional & Colourful Wedding in Romania (10)

“Our wedding was non-traditional, cool, funny, colourful and with loads of love and fun”, said the bride. “We wanted our wedding to reflect who we are. We had this wedding party three days before our two year anniversary.”

“Our small team of ‘fashion and other demons’ (helpers!) were responsible for the groom’s vest, my dress and accessories, and even dying my hair. They also helped with all the decorating.”

Unconventional & Colourful Wedding in Romania (6)

“We wanted to make the wedding memorable. We hope we did it. Special thanks to everyone who made our wedding possible – my perfect and most handsome and loveable husband, my mother who made my dress, Father Virgil Nastase who married us, our parents, our photographer and videographer, our DJ and all of our friends and family who generally helped us out!”



  1. Aimee du Preez

    I am in South Africa too and getting married next year…This is exactly the type of wedding I am trying to plan!
    Im so happy that there are other South Africans moving away from the cliche red carpet and draping!
    Jean i looooove your dress! I can’t tell you how many dress shops look at me as if I’m insane when I describe exactly your dress as something that I’m looking for! let me know if you ever consider renting it out or selling 😉

  2. Stunning beautiful perfect! I love weddings that prove all you really need is a lot of love, along with a few killer aesthetic decisions, some beautiful light, and a great photographer. Huge, over-budget productions not necessary.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. The photography is everything I aspire/hope to achieve. Well done to this couple, they get to the heart of what weddings should be about, two people joined in love…not the material faff that springs up around “big days”. Beautiful and evocative

  4. Jenin

    Can you please tell me who created this dress? I am looking for someone to help create a wedding top for me and this is the exact style I am looking for. I tried the link in the email and it wasn’t valid. Thanks a bunch!

  5. Post author

    Jenin – it was an independent dress maker. Her name in the credits links to her email address!

  6. I’m so green with envy, kermit the frog is giving me the side eye.
    This wedding is the definition of beautiful! I wish I could do mine over!!
    THAT DRESS!!! I need it.

  7. I’ve seen this so many times already and I’m back reading it all over again. This wedding is so mind blowing considering much they spent(or little in this case). Everyone here looks like they’re out of a cover magazine. Can’t love it enough.

  8. Togo

    Can you please provide the email address? The link won’t work for me. Many thanks

  9. Clare Drury

    Wow stunning wedding! Love the dress! Kat do you have contact details for the dress maker? As the email in the credit is incorrect…

  10. Rose

    Hillary Murray Designs 0727231331 (Durban South Africa)
    Hope this helps, I know it is rather late

  11. Mandi Fields

    Love it, but why, oh, why, do beautiful women insist on covering their beauty with far too much makeup!

  12. Morriah

    I love the dress, do you have information on the person who created it? the link isn’t working :/

  13. Katy

    gorgeous! Definitely a bit of wedding envy. The only thing that could have been much better is the brides makeup. So heavy. More drag queen than goddess.

  14. Stacia

    Hi Kat

    Love reading your blog posts , could you please help me reach out to the dress maker Hillary Murray or the bride via email as the dress makers email is invalid .

    I have been trying to teach Jean & bretts wedding from 2014 dress maker from Durban


  15. Meg Pasquini

    Beautiful pictures but does it say anywhere how much they spent?
    Saying they didn’t spend “very much” money is relative.
    I knew someone who did a beautiful wedding on 3,000 US dollars and others say that 15,000 is nothing.
    What did they spend?
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.


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