Modern Black, Pink & Gold Wedding in NYC

Amber Gress Photography

November 20, 2015

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The New York wedding of Tracy and Bryan was held in the Music Hall of Williamsburg. They really wanted the night to feel more like a huge party, rather than a wedding. The décor had a very cheerful and celebratory vibe with pops of gold and pink.

“We wanted the vibes to be upbeat and fun, so we kept the ceremony super short and lengthened the reception”, said Tracy. “The stage backdrop for the ceremony was so stunning and was the perfect way to highlight the vows, as well as the band later on in the night.”

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“We did a lot of the décor ourselves. Along with family, we made over 700 tassels to be hung on chairs, stair rails, balconies, and anywhere else we could stick them. We made super cool half circle garland that criss-crossed the dance floor along with string lights. We hung additional garlands along the bars and put confetti EVERYWHERE.”

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“One of my favourite design elements was the welcome table”, she said. “We spray painted NYC figurines gold and tied the table assignments to them. We had a huge sign on the table, which set the tone of the evening. The groom is a wordsmith and came up with it himself. We found most of the vases ourselves, which was actually a lot of fun. We used a lot of gold spray paint leading up to the wedding. I had a certain vision, so it was much easier for me to do a lot of the décor shopping and hand it off to the vendors when I was done. I loved having the ability to personalise the event, such that it really showcased us as a couple.”

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The three big ticket items were Tracy’s dress, the venue, and the band. “That being said, those ended up being important items to everyone having a great time”, she explained. “The venue is usually used as a concert venue, so it really added to the vibe of the evening. Having the band elevated made it feel like a concert and they were amazing! They really had the crowd on their feet the entire night. That was such a great use of our money. Surprising everyone, the groom got on stage and started rocking out with the band! He played I believe in a thing called love by The Darkness. This was a highlight for us, as well as many of the guests.”

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“I loved planning my wedding”, the bride concluded. “As a couple we are super organised, so we planned and got ready for anything that may have come up. I am sure some of our vendors thought we were nuts, but we had ‘guides’ for just about every aspect of the wedding day. Planning ahead gave us both such piece of mind. When the wedding day finally came, we were really able to be in the moment and enjoy each other and the guests rather than worrying about logistics.”

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