Easy Going Tel Aviv Wedding

Easy Going Tel Aviv Summer Wedding (16)

Ran and Adi are an easy-going couple so they wanted that reflected in their wedding. The bride wore an incredibly unique dress by Shimon Dahan, but other than that they kept things really simple.

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The wedding was held at Sabawell, a venue in Tel Aviv. “We wanted our wedding to be simple but everything to be done in really high quality”, said the bride. “The professionals we worked with really made our wedding successful. We had an amazing team to help us.”

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“I would call our theme ‘classic with a twist’. We did not want things do be done by halves so instead of a simple buffet we had waiters serve the food. One of my favourite details was our invitations that were made by our best friends.”

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“My advice to other couples would be to not freak out!” she concluded. “It’s your big day so take it easy and enjoy it!”



  1. What caught my attention was the evening ceremony. I don’t get to experience that much and it was a cool twist to the whole celebration. The couple is amazing together as well.


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