Geeky, Mexican & Geometric Themed Wedding

Kristina Childs

April 10, 2015

Mexican and geometic wedding (10)

There was no way Aaron and Belinda could pick just one theme for their Queensland wedding. So they did a bit of a pick n mix, grabbing inspiration wherever they could! From the groomsmen on motorbikes, the Delorean wedding car and the Mexican and geometric influences in their reception décor, the was one truly unique celebration!

“We really wanted our wedding to be casual with a party vibe so we threw formalities and traditions out the window to give us more time to enjoy ourselves”, Belinda said.”We got ready together with our bridesmaids and groomsmen and had our photos done before the ceremony. This made the day so enjoyable and so much less stressful. We got our photos in some of our favourite locations including a laundrette that I used to work next to and a bunch of art deco buildings that I love in the area.”

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“We didn’t stick to one theme; we just tried to incorporate everything we love. The ceremony was simple with a touch of pop culture and more than a few nods to Star Wars. The reception was Mexican and geometric themed because I couldn’t decide which theme to choose and I felt they would work well together.”

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The whole day was held at Lightspace Fortitude Valley, a function space in Brisbane. They loved it because they could decorate the space exactly as they wanted but it looked nice enough on its own that it didn’t need too much extra done to it. “I spent six months before the wedding preparing and collecting cactus and succulents for the centrepieces and favours”, the bride explained. “Fresh cut flowers would have been a lot more expensive because we got married on Valentine’s Day! My bridesmaid, Darcelle, helped me make the table runners that were epic for the big long tables. We splashed out on the lighting because our food was served banquet style and we couldn’t fill the table with too many decorations. We opted to have decorative low hanging lighting which completed the décor and created a nice atmosphere.”

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“The best part of the day was getting the pictures taken. We got to meet up with our dog, Lenny, for some photos and just hang out and have fun with our bridal party. Aaron’s favourite part was me arriving in the Delorean, it was a pretty epic entrance!”

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“My advice to other couples getting married would be don’t feel you need to follow the wedding rules”, Belinda concluded. “Sometimes it makes more sense to mix up the usual schedule to make it work for you. We wanted to be able to spend the whole day together so we broke with tradition to make that happen.”

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