Romantic Viking and Folk Festival Wedding


Are you ready to see a wedding that is truly unique? Then you might want to prepare yourself for the onset of awesome that is this viking wedding! Laura and Jørgen wanted to play homage to both their upbringings with their day.

“Our wedding was a collaboration of our family history and up bringings”, began the bride. “My life as a child was mystical. I lived on top of a hill in a broken old house, surrounded by hills, wildlife and trees. The Woodford Folk Festival was a walk down the road and my family regularly played and sand in bands which lit my world with magic. I always thought I would grow up to be one of the fair folk.”


“Jørgen’s Danish heritage sent him running through Viking festivals, wielding swords and eating meat off the bone at a very young age”, she continued. “In his ancestry, his family descended from seven Viking kings of Denmark, including the very first king Harl Bluetooth,
so for us our wedding could never be normal, it was never a choice but a must.”


The bride made her incredible wedding dress herself. She wanted something truly one of a kind, and she got it! “My DIY projects filled most of the year prior to the wedding”, she said. “I had many ideas but no experience with making things, so it was all trial and error. I ended up making my dress, the flower girls dresses, my groom and son’s cloaks and shirts, the invitations, signs and all sorts of other little things. I even ended up making one of my cousin’s dresses and cloak, that in the end was the best looking of all!”


“We wouldn’t do anything differently about our wedding”, she concluded. “The day went smoothly and I was and still proud to have all our friends and family members join in on our celebration and get creative with us. Even when my son decided to hulk-out of his shirt at the end of the night, and rip it completely, I was so happy to see him having fun and letting the inner Viking rage.”


“My advice to future brides and grooms would be to stay true to yourselves. Keep it easy breezy and create your dream wedding in a way that is personal and represents both of you as a couple or a family. Have fun planning and live happy.”




  1. Carole

    Just beautiful, Jemma they are not models and this is a true story as I know the family….

  2. Cindy

    definitely not models as I was at this wedding. She is my beautiful and talented cousin and their wedding was just how they had planned it to be. Our family was very privileged to have been a part of their magical day. Congrats Laura and Jorgen.

  3. I love these pictures. The dresses looking very gorgeous as well as the ornaments. We also provide some luxurious diamonds that will be a great match with this type of occasions


  4. shan

    planning a subtly viking themed wedding myself and did not want a traditional veil at all…. i think her hooded cape just solved my problem 🙂 thank you so much!!!

  5. Oh no no, definitely not models! I’m the photographer and these two legends are the real deal! And just to top it all off they’re basically the sweetest people around.

    That dress was crazy awesome and even cooler because the bride made it herself! It was such a fun wedding 🙂


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