Medieval Banquet Wedding and a Bride with Blue Hair

Kelly J Photography

January 7, 2015


I’m totally biased of course, but blue hair is sooo the best hair colour ever. Since going over to the blue side myself, I can’t imagine ever wanting a different colour, it just makes me so happy! So, obviously, Samantha’s gorgeous cerulean tresses instantly caught my eye. But then I saw the rest of the wedding and I knew you’d love it too! Any Game of Thrones fans out there?


They were married at Ruthin Castle in Wales on October 9th. “The inspiration for our wedding was most definitely autumn time”, began the bride. “We both look forward to October each year where we can fill the house with pumpkins of all sizes, leaf garlands, corn husks and orange fairy lights, so there was no question that the wedding would be an elaborate extension of this!”


“My hair helped us choose our colour scheme”, she continued. “It was a joint decision to keep my blue hair for the wedding. I was contemplating orange tones to suit the autumn theme, but the blue is Mike’s favourite. It was blue when we first met. This then led to the colour scheme of blue and orange, where we would slip in blue aspects here and there to complement my hair.”


The theme also had elements of their favourite TV show, Game of Thrones. “We used seven tables within the banquet hall and both being huge fans of the series – we named them all after the various houses within Game of thrones – house Lannister, house Baratheon etc. We also thought we would give fellow fans a little scare by having ‘the Rains of castamere’ playing in the background after the ceremony whilst we signed the register!”


The flowers were arranged by a family friend and another made the cake. “Our talented and good friend Penny Newton made our three tier spiced pumpkin vegan cake with raisins and orange flavoured vegan buttercream. All the pumpkin cake decorations were miniature cakes also! The flowers were put together by the mother of the bride, Denise, and a close family friend, Lesley. Both took a flower arranging course and did all of the flowers, buttonholes and bouquets! Mike designed our invitations, which we then put inside orange envelopes sealed with blue wax and a leaf stamp.”


“The DIY projects were actually some of my favourite parts of the wedding. The budget was almost entirely spent on the venue , so I set to work on customising white lace shoes from New Look with faux pearls, rhinestones and vintage earrings. My dress was bought from a factory outlet and originally had a silver rhinestone panel at the front which I removed and replaced with a much warmer coloured beaded design which I’d made. I also used the same beads to create my medieval style gold and orange beaded headpiece.”


“I love the boho hair chain style but I knew I was having a side parting and also didn’t want to flatten down my hair too much. So I experimented and made a piece that covered half of the head then ran underneath the hair to link up at the back. Once I got a taste for altering the dress I then went on to add some strings of beads around my arms with an altered dangly earring attached amongst the chains. I also made the bridesmaids’necklaces using tiny blue and orange beads inside small glass orbs and I made their hair accessories using fake blue, white and orange flowers.”


“We didn’t have a band and Mike and one of our bridesmaids were in charge of the playlist”, she said. “However the real entertainment was the medieval banquet. It was something of an event with all the serving staff dressed in costume and sporadically breaking into traditional welsh song. They put on a bit of a show between the four courses including shenanigans by a ‘court jester’ and various dances and interactive songs that friends and family were roped into joining!”