DIY Backyard Wedding in Victoria: Matt & Moz

John Possemato

September 23, 2014

Matt & Moz Backyard Melbourne Wedding - johnjosephpossemato-415

Matt and Moz were married at home, in their own backyard in Collingwood, Victoria. Their wedding budget was $5000 and they didn’t go a penny over. The bride wore a dress that her mother made for her, and the flowers were sourced from a market.

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“Our plan was to have a wedding that was more like a party”, she said. “We wanted to keep the vibe relaxed and we didn’t really stick to any particular style or rules. Our guests told us that they loved our wedding because it was super casual and was a real reflection of us.”

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“All our decorations were hand made by us, our friends and family. In the days leading up to the wedding, we sat around the table in the backyard and made ropes of streamers, silk bunting, paper feathers and other decorations. Matt made all the benches and tables and we collected milk crates for seating as well.”

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“Our wedding was a celebration of our love with our friends and family”, she concluded. “We steered clear of most of the more traditional aspects of a wedding because it didn’t feel like it was for us. We would encourage other couples to think about what they want and how they want to spend the day.”

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