Thursday Treats: There’s No Place Like Home


Ahh it sure is good to be back in my own space, especially as while I was away Gareth replaced ALL THE CARPET in our house! It might sound like a weird thing to be excited about, but when we moved in (over seven years ago!) it was something we immediately wanted to change but it was the one thing we never got around to. It’s such a big job we kept making excuses and putting it off.

Then, a few days before I left for New York Gareth told me he was ready to give it a go and that he wanted to fit it all by himself while I was away. He schooled himself with YouTube tutorials and laid every last scrap of that carpet with his own bare hands. What a champ.

Now our house looks brand new, bright and glorious. Like a proper grown up pad. I’m starting to get very excited about the prospect of new curtains, new furniture and colourful pictures hanging on the wall. Having such an overbearingly disgusting coloured carpet (terracotta – seriously who thought that was a good choice?!) meant we didn’t want to do ANYTHING to the house, the colour just ruined everything. But not any more! I am on a Pinterest planning mission.

In non-carpet related news, I got back from DC early Monday morning and I’ve been crazy-town busy since then. On Tuesday I went to the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards where I presented an award AND came highly commended in the wedding blog category. YAY! It was such a fun night, so fun in fact that I decided to make a little video. I hope you enjoy it!

It’s definitely awards season in the blogging world. Tomorrow we’re off to The Savoy (fancy!) for the Wedding Magazine blog awards too!

I hope you’ve all had a wicked week. Here’s some other pretty wonderful things that have been going on in the rest of blog-land.

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  1. Alison

    Who thinks terracotta is a good idea? my mum! In her house if it’s not terracotta feature wall or carpet, it’s beige. The only room they’ve spared is their own bedroom which has a nice subtle blue wall. I sometimes wonder at my mum…

  2. Anika

    I know this is such a random thing to say, but I’m such a big fan of this blog and I live in DC and I very rarely head up to the Georgetown area, but last Friday a friend and I were there and Kat, you passed us on the street and I kinda freaked out! My friend encouraged me to talk to you but I doubted myself because I hadn’t realized you’d be state side!

    I missed my chance to say hi so I guess I’m making up for it! Thanks for all your awesome body positive, love positive, wallet friendly work! Your blog reminds us that weddings are about love and happiness not how much money you can spend and how thin you are!

  3. Post author

    Aww Anika, haha yes that was me (the blue hair might have thrown you too!) We loved Georgetown, it was so cute!

  4. Nothing better than a bit of DIY! We just wallpapered our new build after having to wait for it to settle before we could make it our own!! Looking forward to seeing you at The Savoy tomorrow! xx

  5. I was literally about to email you the therapy cat story, but then thought I better check it hadn’t made it onto Thursday Treats already!

    My parents had a terracotta bathroom suite! It was in the house when they bought it and it took them 25 years to replace it because it was “good quality”!


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