Thursday Treats – 26th July 2012: Hello Sunshine!

July 26, 2012

‘Dope’ Swimsuit

Wow, what a scorcher this week has been! I ain’t complaining (honest!) but my productivity has gone waaaay down. That glorious sunshine outside my window has just been too darn tempting. I did purchase the brightest neon orange dress known to man though. I am seriously excited to wear blind people in this baby!

I also found out this week that I’m going to be featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine! I don’t usually mention my press features here anymore but this is a really exciting one. I’m going to be profiled in their ‘So you think you want my job?’ section and oh boy I can’t wait. Squeeeeeal!

But the biggest news of the week is that a truckload (literally) of copies of issue two of the Rock n Roll Bride print magazine are being delivered to our house tomorrow!! I know, I KNOW It’s taken so flippin’ long to get this project completed but oh boy it is gonna be worth it. I have a new found respect for anyone in the magazine industry. How they manage to pull together monthly editions is beyond me! Issue two is bigger, better and even more glorious than the first. Again, we’ve ordered a limited print run, so be sure to pop by the blog 9am on Monday to find out how you can get your hands on a copy! HOLY GUACAMOLE I MIGHT EXPLODE.

So I may not have got much actual work done this week, but I have found the time to scour the internet for some of the most clicky links around. Grab yourself an (iced) coffee and enjoy…

Weddings & Weddingy Things…

♥ Vintage steam train wedding & a bride in an incredible black sequinned dress
♥ Artsy Brooklyn wedding
Rainbow wedding dress
♥ Colorful Los Angeles wedding
♥ Dano & Claire’s quirky engagement shoot at the Photography Farm
♥ Vegan meets Grandma’s attic wedding 
♥ Eco-chic Texas wedding – check out the succulent ceremony backdrop!

Photography Credit: The Nichols

Sweet rainy day wedding
♥ I love the look of Xtabay Vintage Bridal Salon in Portland!
♥ Comic book anniversary photos
Botanical centerpieces
DIY owl cake stand!!!!
♥ Beautiful botanical gardens wedding

Photography Credit: Troistudios

Flash Sales

Lisa Devlin is running a 50% off sale on all her PhotoShop action sets tomorrow only! Use promo code ’50for24′
♥ Audrey Kitching’s latest clothing line is 20% off with the promo code ‘Gypsy’
♥ Rawhide Corsets is offering 50% off all sample corsets until Saturday 4th August in her Birmingham store
♥ To celebrate the London Olympics, Twobirds are offering £20.12 off every red, white and blue bridesmaid dress (includes dresses in Cabernet, Royal Blue, Ivory, Navy and Peacock) purchased before the end of August. For stockists, check the Twobirds website
♥ Jimmy Choo are having a mid season sale which ends at midnight tonight. Just look at these babies!

Best of the Rest

DIY maternity tunic – this is so simple and cute, plus you could so still wear it bump-free! I’m definitely giving this a go
♥ have launched a neon bows range. OH YES.
♥ Why you should make an “I Don’t” list
Dealing with the idea of failure
Japan has the cutest stuff
♥ Disruptive Companies in the Wedding Industry
♥ How to clean your make up brushes