Thursday Treats: Canada, Britmums & Cosmo!

June 19, 2014


Oprisco Photography

It’s so good to be home! Of course I’ve come back to a messy house, a terrifyingly long to do list, and a huge pile of dirty laundry, but it feels GOOD. My trip to Canada was amazing, we had a blast, but is sure is nice to be back in familiar surroundings. AND THOSE KITTIES OF MINE, oh I swear they got even more gorgeous while I was away.

Before we move on I just have to show you the silliness that we got up to in Vancouver and Calgary. From games of Jenga over dinner, to dancing on the rainbow crosswalk and making new doggie best friends, Canada sure did show us a damn good time.

Aww! I always miss Gala and Shauna so much when we’re ripped apart. I don’t have very long to wait to see them again though because our next Blogcademy workshops are in Europe! We’re doing two classes in London in July, one in Berlin and another in Amsterdam! AND, don’t forget, we have our mixer event in London on July 24th. I’d love to see you there!

Wait a sec, still have some more to share with you (goodness, it never ends!) I’ll be at BritMums this weekend speaking about working with Etsy. Collaborating with them is something I’ve only recently started to do, but it’s been going so well. I’ll be speaking about exactly what it entails, sharing how it’s increased my income and letting you in on some ways that you can do the same. My slot is on Saturday at 11.30am.

If you’re not a mummy blogger and Britmums doesn’t appeal to you (yes, I find it weirdly ironic that I’ve been asked to speak there too!), then I’m also going to be on the panel at the Cosmopolitan Superblogger Masterclass on Monday June 23rd. Tickets are just £30 and a little birdy tells me there are a few still available. I spoke at the Masterclass last year too and it was one of my 2013 highlights. It’s such a fun event and I can’t wait to do it again!


OK, (finally) on to the real reason you’re here – Thursday Treats yo!

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