Alternative Engagement Rings from Etsy

alternative wedding rings etsy

You’d be surprised at how many emails I get from boys about to pop the question, always asking me the same thing: where can they find an alternative engagement ring? I always reply with the same thing too – ETSY!

When once such email came in just last week I got all distracted and started leafing through myself. Literally two hours later I’d not only wondered where the time went, but had saved a plethora of beauties to my favourites.

Here are just a few of the unique sparklers that made me stop in my tracks.


Recycled gold and silver rings


ANUBIS Unique Silver Ring


Rough diamond engagement ring


Silver and peridot ring



Green gold and pink sapphire dragon ring (check out the rest of their rings too, they’re pricey but insanely good!)


Platinum plated sterling ring with a stone setting



Sterling silver faceted ‘diamond’ ring



Rose gold tourmaline and sapphire twist ring



Hidden heart onyx ring

None of these suit your style? You can start browsing for yourself right here. Oh yeah, and you might as well resign yourself to the fact that you’ll be on there for the rest of the day – so many pretties!

Lucky enough to already have a sparkler on your finger? Tell me about it!

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  1. Talulah James

    I found my dream ring on etsy, and it was a very special moment. I always knew I wanted something different and had such a hard time finding something that was me. I cried when i found the one! Etsy is amazing!

  2. Shelley Wood

    Etsy is so addictive!! I found a silver skull engagement ring with choice of stones… mmmmmoreish!!!

  3. Frankie

    I have a rough diamond engagement ring also from Etsy! It’s a beautiful grey diamond and even after 2 years of wearing it, I still get lots of lovely comments about it!

  4. Martyna

    Mine is not alternative but it’s got an unusual, twisted shape. Gold with a garnet stone with a few lil diamonds.:)

  5. melanie

    When we went shopping for mine, I had a rough idea of what I wanted – mainly something with colour and a bit of design to it, not just a single stone. absolutely no shops on the high street had anything unique and one woman in a chain jewellery shop told me I wouldn’t find what I was looking for – anywhere! No commission for her then. I ended up getting my beloved tanzanite, daisy-cluster ring on amazon!!

  6. Megsie

    Etsy also has a great second-hand/vintage collection. I’m in love with my 1940s etsy find!

    Good vintage is insanely expensive where I am (Australia) and I found a ring I liked in an antique store here for $9000 – the exact same style of ring on etsy, with diamond of the same quality but 0.1ct smaller, was $1,100!

    The ring I wound up buying appraised locally at 3x what I paid for it. It was the most expensive thing I’d ever bought online, which was a bit nerve-wracking, but the seller was so helpful with all of my questions. Pay for full insurance, just in case, but etsy for the win!

  7. Found my engagement rings (I had two, worn together as a stack) on Etsy and they are so beautiful.

    When we got married, we ordered all our remaining wedding rings from the same lady (Liette at Flying Crow Metalworks). I had another three stacking rings, and my husband a beautiful understated spiral. These were all made specially and I cannot overstate how beautiful they are, or how brilliant Liette was. The total cost for all six rings (including having everything shipped over from the US) was about £150, so it was also super-thrifty.

  8. Sammy

    What wonderfully unique designs! I was looking for a similar, style tried etsy as well, but ultimately purchased from They offer a really unique selection (IMO) and are really hands on with helping you pick a ring, which we appreciated.

  9. Oh, awesome! I love these rings.

    Just be sure you know your bride-to-be’s taste inside and out before you pop the question with a dragon ring! *I* wouldn’t be able to say “YES” fast enough, but everyone’s taste is different!

  10. Helen

    My fiancé surprised me with a stunning ring when he proposed. He only produced it after I said yes though so it wasn’t just his taste in rings that had me hooked up on him. It is made up if four bands with three stones, 2 green garnets of different shades and a ruby in the middle and heart/leaf shapes along the bands. An abstract vine. It is superb. I couldn’t have chosen better.
    I found out later he had used my cousin as a spy so he could report back to the jewler to come up with a design. The rose gold came from a friend if ours, aunts dress ring. And the best thing is because it is made specifically for me there is only mine that looks like this. I love it, nearly as much as I love my beau.

  11. Dear kat,
    your all alternative ring collection have a stunning look. In my view ANUBIS silver ring give your post a unique identity. thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Liz C

    These are beautiful, but if you’re in the Brighton area (and even if you’re not, it’s worth making a trip down) pop into Baroque Bespoke Jewellers (just off Ship Street, in the Lanes).

    My OH proposed on Halloween and had had my engagement ring custom made by them and it’s Amazing – the staff there are super friendly and helpful too.

  13. Jess

    My fiancé chose very well, although it wouldn’t have been what I would have looked for if we had gone ring shopping together. It has a marquise central diamond and I never considered marquise myself, I always thought solitaire or emerald cut.

    My ring is a vintage 14k White gold ring with 13 diamonds that my fiancé found via Etsy. It is beautiful and the perfect balance between ‘OMG, that’s not a ring it’s an iceberg!!’ and very wearable!

    Everyone who has seen it has said it’s very me, so he must know what I like better than I do 🙂

  14. Evva

    My ring came from eBay after my fiance has pushed a few times for suggestions of what I liked. I directed him to a rose gold ring with a massive peridot and four small diamonds that I found before I met him and promised myself that that would be my engagement ring if I ever got married again. Now it’s sitting on my finger =)
    We’ve now found our wedding rings online -sticking to the unusual stuff. The rings are wide ceramic band with a precious metal middle part with diamonds around and we can customise the colours of each component so the rings are matching but not identical. I am going for white ceramic with rose gold and white diamonds and my Mr is getting the black ceramic with white gold and diamonds =)

  15. Those are really cool. It’s great to have something so particular to yourself, rather than a mass-produced ring. I wish Easy had been around when we got married. Alas, I’m old. I suppose we have additional fingers, though.

  16. Etsy is a wonderful marketplace and a great place to look for alternative gifts, including engagement rings. That last one is extremely stunning! The green one seems a lot more intricate than others, and definitely stands out!


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