Urban and Colourful Wedding in a City Centre Alley Way: Tim & Ange

Paper Fox Studio

May 20, 2014


Tim and Ange were married in Brisbane. One of the most notable things about this wedding was that they completely changed their plans, mid-way through. They went from organising a big 100+ guest wedding at a fancy venue, to a small and intimate one in an alley in the heart of the city with just 20 guests… oh and organising it all in 12 weeks!

“I think the most important thing for both Tim and I was to feel like us on our wedding day”, began the bride. “Even in the early planning stages, we had been looking for vendors who embrace thing that are a little left of centre and who were willing to embrace our ‘less than traditional’ way of doing things.”


“Between being made redundant, struggling to find work and trying to plan ‘the big white wedding’ with Tim’s ever-changing schedule lighting theatre shows, we got pretty fed up”, Ange explained. “I think I had gotten to my breaking point, and after a very tearful afternoon with my sister and my niece, all I wanted to do is to be married to the love of my life. So we did exactly that. We went from a wedding almost a year away with 100+ guest wedding in one of Brisbane’s most beautiful venues to getting married in a city lane way with less than 20 people which we pulled together in just over 12 weeks… not to mention Tim being ‘on the road’ for 8 of those weeks (plus moving house!) It kind of threw some people to begin with, but at the end of our wedding day, as I closed my eyes next to my beautiful husband, I couldn’t think of anything that we should-would-could have done differently to make it more perfect.”


“One of the most unique things about our wedding was the space we got married in. After ‘the big change up’ we were trying to decide on a space that ultimately that felt like us. We definitely got our fair share of raised eyebrows when we told people ‘we’re getting married in a lane in the middle of the city’ but it couldn’t have felt as perfect if we had designed the space ourselves.”


“My favourite thing about our wedding was the amount of love that was shared”, she smiled. “Sometimes at the start of weddings, a priest or celebrant says ‘Dearly beloved’, I can’t think of one person who was in attendance at our wedding who I wouldn’t take a bullet for, so to speak. Tim and I are both incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends and family, who support us no matter how crazy or hair-brained our ideas are. Oh! And the confetti, pretty sure no one would have believed I got married if there wasn’t any confetti!”


Ange wore a wedding dress from J Crew. Again, it wasn’t what she originally planned but in the end it was perfect – and budget friendly! The biggest saving we made was on my wedding dress”, she explained. “I knew I wanted something simple, but unique. I had looked high and low for ‘the one’, one night, casually browsing online, I found a fantastic dress at the American department store J Crew marked down to $1000 from $3500. I decided to buy it, and if it arrived and I hated it I could re-sell it online. Little did I know, the textured silks ‘festive rustle’ made me really really happy.”