Ski Themed Mountain View Wedding: Masha & Lenya


Masha and Lenya are prolific skiers and so wanted this mutual love to be reflected in their Israeli wedding. The day took place at Villa Dalia, in Moshav Ora on the outskirts of Jerusalem. There was free-flowing alcohol and sports references throughout.

“The inspiration was our craziness with several things including Lenya’s love of alcohol and football and my love of skiing and music!” began the bride. “The design of the day was unique.”


“We used the famous vintage alpine ski poster from Chamonix, France as our main design theme. We got one of these posters, dressed the couple into the wedding clothes and added a football theme. This print was used almost in every little part including the invitations and favours.”


“We really wanted to be able to mix different styles into our day, both traditional Jewish things and the hipster-vintage things. I think we did both and I’m really pleased with how it all turned out!”




  1. This is beautiful! I have yet to see a theme like this, hopefully it wasn’t as cold as the mountains they ski on! Thank you for sharing


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