Fashion Designer’s Wedding in Tel Aviv

Yarin Taranos

June 25, 2016

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Zlil and Yosi met when they were both in the Israeli army ten years ago. Their wedding was held in Tel Aviv. The fashion designer bride helped design her own wedding dress. “Our wedding was light and urban”, she explained, “Most of our guests were young, and our friends.”

“The inspiration was to plan something fun, happy and easy-going. We both wanted a small wedding but for it to feel like one big party. We found ourselves surrounded by beautiful and loving people. Our main goal was to have a nice summer wedding, five minutes walk from our home.”

Yarin Taranos Photography -

“In Israel the tradition is to have a reception first, then ceremony and then dinner”, she continued. “However we decided to invite everyone to dinner first, then do the ceremony and then a big party with late night food and desserts. It was awesome and people were very excited that it was different.”

Yarin Taranos Photography -

“One of my favourite, and the funniest moment from the wedding, was when Yosi Came to pick me up from my studio and to see me in my wedding dress for the first time. We decided to prank him and his best friend hide behind a curtain wearing a huge wedding dress. His face was hilarious! Then I came up behind him and surprised him!”

Yarin Taranos Photography -

“The best thing about wedding planning was realising how good of a team we are. We wanted the same things and we helped each other. Also, it was great to realise how amazing our friends and family are. They helped us in everything. I also loved designing my own dream dress and drawing the stationery.”

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“My advice to future brides and grooms would be to be sure to hire people that you can trust”, she concluded. “Use your heart and instinct to make sure you hire people that care about their job and care about you. And finally, when the day starts, realise that you can’t control things anymore so just relax, take a drink and enjoy this beautiful moment”.