DIY Tutorial: Faux Hawk Bridal Hairstyle

Mark Brooke Photography

February 21, 2014


Over the next month, every Friday, I’ll be showcasing an original bridal (but not super-traditional, obviously!) hairstyle idea. These super simple but utterly gorgeous DIYs have been pulled together by the fantastic Your Cloud Parade, the first online marketplace dedicated to weddings, and 10.11 Make Up exclusively for Rock n Roll Bride!


Supplies Needed

♥ Hairspray (we used Kenra Volume Spray)
♥ Bobby and hair pins
♥ Curling iron (we used Hot Tools)
♥ Texture spray (we used Kevin Murphy Resort Spray) or spray wax (we love KMS Hair Play spray wax)
♥ Backcomber (we used Tool Structure Tortoise Backcomber)


Step one: Add some texture to the hair by adding some curl. Spray the hair with texturizing spray, as well as a little hairspray. This will help the hair hold the backcombing/ teasing for the next step.


Step two: Part the hair into 3 sections so that you have a mohawk section of hair starting from the front hair line, down to the nape of the neck. Because this is a fun and de-constructed style, your partings do not need to be perfect. You may even choose to not part, and gather hair from the center as you work your way back during the style.

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Step three: Take the mohawk section, and backcomb/ tease the hair. Gather small section of the hair at a time, place the comb about an inch from the scalp and pull the hair down with the comb, spray a little hairspray and continue as you work up the strands of hair from that section. Repeat until you have successfully backcombed/teased the entire mohawk section.

As you backcomb each section of the mohawk parting, you can lay that hair forward as you work your way back. Leave the two side sections alone, or pin out of the way.


Step four: If your hair is longer, you can pin the hair you have back combed, and laid it forward, out of the way. Gather the hair at the bottom of the mohawk section that you have backcombed, rolling the hair up, and tucking the ends of the hair under. Pin the portion of hair you have tucked.

The amount of hair you gather is up to you and how thick you want this bottom portion to be. The backcombing should create enough texture to help the hair hold. However, if your hair is layered or longer, you may need to pin wherever necessary to keep the hair up and rolled. Spray with hairspray.

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Step five: Gather the hair from one of the side sections and pull to the opposite side, across the top of the portion you just pinned up, and pin.  You may need to lift the loose hair from the mohawk section so that you can pull the hair across to pin. Spray with hairspray.

Repeat with the remaining loose side, covering the portion you just pinned as you pull the hair to the opposite side. Pin the end of the hair up and under the hair previously pulled across, hiding the ends of the hair as well as the bobby pin. Spray with hairspray.

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Step six:  You may need to re-backcomb/tease the remaining mohawk section that you had placed forward, or pinned out of the way. This will build more body back into the style.

Take the ends of the hair and roll to one side (you can roll all of the hair to one side, or roll to both sides depending on the end style you are wanting to achieve). Spray the ends to hold or use hair pins to secure, making sure to hide the pins.

You may also want to add a little curl to the ends of the hair, or smooth the ends with a hot styling tool of your choice. Position the hair however you would like, secure and spray with a finishing hairspray.

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Step seven: If you want you can now add the hair piece of your choice by tucking or sliding the comb portion down and into the side of your style. Place a bobby pin across the comb, securing the piece into your style.

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It’s that simple!