DIY Tutorial: Festive Mirrorball Necklace

Laura Power

December 2, 2013

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It’s unavoidable. Christmas is well and truly around the corner. Soon enough we’ll be knee deep in baubles, festive jumpers and mistletoe and wine. And as the party invites start to come in, the usual panic starts to set in: “Oh my God, what am I gonna wear?”

If a brand new sparkly outfit is out of the question, how about adding some much needed shimmer with this easy as (mince) pie mirrorball necklace DIY. It’s so simple, even I could do it!

Supplies needed

simple mirrorball necklace diy1

Bag of small glass mirror tiles
♥ Chalk pencil
♥ Felt
♥ Strong glue (I like E6000 multi purpose adhesive)
♥ Scissors
♥ Needle and thread
♥ Silver chain and fastenings


Step One: Decide how wide you want your mirrorball necklace pendant to be.  I like my jewellery chunky so have gone for 10 cm across.

Draw a chalk line 10 cm across the felt. At the centre (5 cm) mark a line 1 cm down. Then connect those markings to form a shallow ‘V’ shape. Extend the centre line down approximately 10 cm.

simple mirrorball necklace diy2

Step Two: Apply glue to the tiles one by one and glue them along the shallow ‘V’ starting in the middle. Make sure you have the same number of tiles on each side of the centre line

simple mirrorball necklace diy3

Step Three: Build up your layers always starting in the centre and finish the shape with a single tile at the bottom. Allow the glue to dry.

simple mirrorball necklace diy4

Step Four: Cut out the felt around the tiles as closely as possible.

simple mirrorball necklace diy5

Step Five: Prepare your silver chain (these are available at most craft stores with the fastenings already attached but can be easily added if not). Cut it to the length you want your necklace to hang and stitch the ends of the chain to the back of the mirrorball pendant with your needle and thread.

simple mirrorball necklace diy6

And that’s it! You’re ready to go out and sparkle, disco queen!

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