Chaotic Chilean Wedding: María & Jóse

Mónica Muñoz Iglesias

November 1, 2013


María and Jóse were hitched in Calera de Tango, Chile. Both families pitched in to make the wedding happen – from helping with the planning, doing the hair and make up, taking the photos, growing the flowers and making all the food.


“I think that the most special thing about our wedding was that we did everything ourselves with our friends and family”, wrote the bride. “We saved money on nearly everything – the food, flowers and decoration – because we made it all.”


“The day was pretty manic and crazy – Jóse forgot his suit and I forgot my ID (which you need to get married here). I didn’t have time to wash my hair and Jóse forgot to buy beers.. he had to run to buy them in the morning!” 


“I loved our wedding though”, she concluded. “The only thing I would have changed would be to have made the ceremony more personal and meaningful. It was really only a quick legal ceremony and I wish we’d made more of it.”