How To Choose Your Honeymoon Destination

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Planning your honeymoon can be just as difficult as planning the wedding itself, but it’s also got to be up there with one of the best parts of the whole thing too. Kicking back and relaxing after a year or so of intense preparation is going to be pretty blissful, but how do you make sure you get your choice of honeymoon destination right?

Are you looking for an urban escape with plenty of sightseeing? Would you prefer to get a sweat on with some outdoor adventures? Or is your dream holiday sunbathing on a perfect beach somewhere? What if you and your beau have very different ideas of what makes a good trip?

These are the things you need to consider when it comes to picking a great honeymoon destination that will suit you both.


First things first, what kind of climate do you love – hot, cold, humid, dry, mild? Deciding on this right away will help you narrow down your choices quickly. Make sure you also check out what the weather and temperature will be like in the season you plan to travel in.


This is a biggie. How much you are able (or want!) to spend will be a huge factor in deciding where you go. If money is tight why not consider a ‘staycation’ closer to home. I bet there are so many amazing places right on your doorstep, many of which you might not have even considered before. You could book into boutique hotel in your own city, rent a camper van and drive around the countryside or a hop down to a local beach town.


We went on our honeymoon to Tokyo, which was amazing, but the 12 hour flight (complete with very sore heads!) the day after our wedding wasn’t! If you are thinking about going somewhere far-flung you might want to consider a few days down time after the wedding to get yourselves organised before you head off.

Gareth forgot to bring anything warm, when we arrived we realised we’d forgotten to write down our hotel name or address anywhere and we’d forgotten to tell our banks that we were going away so our credit cards got blocked and we had no money for the first few days! This was not the romantic start to married life that I’d imagined!

dive in


Hotels are awesome but they can be super expensive. Instead think outside the box when it comes to finding your accommodation. Websites like Air B&B and Go with Oh! offer apartments and houses at much more competitive rates, and you always have a much more authentic experience of a place when you’re not hauled up in tourist-city.

Relaxing or action packed?

Are you into outdoor activities or would you rather lounge on a beach all day? If you disagree on this you might not want to go, say, skiing where the sport really does dominate the entire trip. Somewhere like Queensland where there are plenty of things to keep you occupied would be a great option because there are also beautiful beaches to chill out on too. If you are looking for lots of helpful tips and guides for your outdoor adventure, check out Globo Surf.


The Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, the Great Barrier Reef… there are so many iconic landmarks around this amazing world of ours. Why not use your honeymoon as an opportunity to get some of these checked off your must-see list?

Have an adventure!

Some of my most favourite trips abroad were the ones where I didn’t have much time beforehand to do any research into what to expect. Going somewhere with completely fresh eyes and just exploring at your own pace really is the most fun ever! So, if you’re feeling brave, why not spin a globe, close your eyes and see where in the world you point to first!?

I’d love to hear from you guys on this one. Are you planning to take a honeymoon and where are you jetting off to?



  1. Rachel

    We’ve just booked to go Thailand for our honeymoon. We’re getting married in August but we aren’t getting off until November/December to avoid the rainy season! Neither of us have ever been to Thailand so it will be a complete adventure for us. Can’t wait!

  2. I would definetely need somewhere hot! Me and my man have spoke about it and I think I’d rather a 3 month backpacking trip than a week of luxury…( Though if he wants to add that on too… I don’t have a problem with that.) I had never really considered anything other than the stereotypical luxurymoon before I went traveling but then I met so many newly marrieds on the road together, meeting new people in this new chapter in their lives and it sounded simply awesome! Id hope for Cuba or Namibia!

  3. Fiona

    We get married in June and have booked a mini break to amsterdam straight after the wedding and then we are saving up to go to backpacking in Borneo later in the year for our big one! Xx

  4. Anat

    We’re getting married in a month and plan to have our honeymoon in the summer.
    We’re gonna have a wonderful adventure in Western Canada and then Alaska, i cannot wait 🙂

  5. I second not going the morning after – we had an amazing wedding but getting up early the next day was quite overwhelming – we did a house swap with a friend from Austria, forgot to get the address at our wedding so had to go back in after we’d already left the party at about 1am…And she’d been enjoying the wine so said “the address is The house on the hill, near Innsbruck….” Finally got to Munich, drove to Austria and got mega lost in the rain! 🙂 I also bought a last minute jumper at the airport and so glad I did as it was chilly in the mountains even in August. Saying that we had an amazing time and having a few days chill out time in the mountains before a week exploring in Switzerland suited us well – weddings are emotional things and take some recovery! 🙂

    Oh and DON’T book your honeymooon in your married name by mistake – my lovely husband did it without realising – its a faff as you have to get a pre registered new passport and it means lots of paperwork but it was lovely to travel as Mrs Dent for the fist time! 🙂

  6. Eleanor

    I agree with the not going far the day after the wedding I was a mess and kept bursting into tears. Plus had all the stress of getting all the wedding bits back to my mums (took three trips) and waving off visiting friends and family. I think if I’d had to go anywhere near an airport would have had a total meltdown. We had a few days away in a nice but fairly local hotel and then went our proper honeymoon (a cruise to the North of Norway – husbands choice) a few weeks later. By that point we had recovered well from the wedding and were refreshed and excited for our big holiday.

  7. I agree with not travelling the day after the wedding – emotions are running high, and there’s often a lot to do. We spent a few days sorting everything out, then went off for an all-inclusive five days to Morocco, before heading off travelling six months later…
    …And we’re still travelling – we were in India for six months, then Thailand, Laos and Cambodia for four months. We’ve popped back to England to see family and friends before deciding to return to India for the winter once again!
    So here I am, sending love from the sun!

  8. We decided to go on a pre-moon before the wedding. We are used to going off traveling to places like Mongolia, China, India & Pakistan so we went for a more typical destination of the Maldives which was amazing being secluded on a beautiful island! The snorkelling was incredible and we even swam with whale sharks 🙂

    There was a little honeymoon after in a nice spa hotel in London for a few nights but we were tanned and so relaxed for the wedding due to going before!

  9. Rachel Tonks

    We did a half and half type trip to accommodate everything we wanted – a week touring the Yucatan in Mexico and seeing all the amazing sights and then a week lying on a sun lounger drinking cocktails in a 5* resort on the Riviera Maya just south of Cancun. It was amazing! Make sure when you book that you tell everyone it’s your honeymoon and take your marriage certificate, as lots of our hotels offered extra treats. (Having said that, one of the hotels obviously didn’t get that memo as we arrived to twin beds!)

  10. Cécile

    Always been inspired by that so special island, full of mysteries and tales, breathtaking points of views… I was then so happy when my future, without any influence from me, came with the idea of a cruise around Iceland! Easiest decision ever about our wedding! We plan the cruise 4 months after the D-day, to celebrate the anniversary of our first date at Reykjavík (7 years on the 7/7).

    About funding, we built our wedding list around the trip and will finance ourself the rest.

    Here (in Belgium), our project seems to be an alien, is it really so weird to be attract by such destination ??? Rhetorical question in fact, everyone loves the idea actually!

  11. Thanks so much for the accommodation recommendations – my honeymoon budget has taken a hit due to my dress, but just looking at some of the apartments on Go With Oh and they look so nice! I’m all excited now heehee

  12. thanks for ur submission that gives us so many great tips. i really appreciate that. in fact, i will get married in late this year. we still haven’t decide which place to go for honeymoon. BaLi is my choice. really hope we will have a great time there:)

  13. First off we wanted to go somewhere sunny for a week and then New York for a few days. It’s hard picking somewhere for September because Tom is very aware of it being hurricane season pretty much everywhere I suggest. Now we’re considering Tokyo because he’s always had a fascination with the place and I’m just keen to go somewhere exciting. Any suggestions? xxx

  14. Michael

    My fiancé would like to go to niagra and Canada for our honeymoon because one I’ve never seen the falls nor been in another country except Mexico. Two is because my fiancé wants to see her grandmother who is in her late 90s before she passes away


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