Outdoorsy Americana Themed Wedding: Amy & Steve

Camera Hannah

September 2, 2013


Amy and Steve got engaged while on a road trip around America and so an American themed wedding seemed like the most perfect option for them! These guys didn’t go for a subtle homage though, they went all out! “Our wedding was a little slice of American pie”, Amy began. “We got engaged two years ago on a road trip around the southern states of America. Steve got down on one knee over a BBQ of ribs and beer in the mountains of Virginia. It was the perfect setting and was amongst many aspects of that trip that made it one of our most memorable journeys together.”


“We decided we wanted our guests to experience a little taste of the ‘deep south’ for the wedding so they know why we loved it so much. At first we planned to introduce little subtle touches inspired by America but by the end of the planning we’d got so carried away that it was pretty much a full blown USA theme with flags and stars and stripes galore!”


“As our wedding was very outdoorsy we were very worried about what we would do if it rained”, she continued.”I read an article online a few months before the wedding that mentioned a southern tradition of ‘burying the bottle’. The suggestion is that if you bury an upside down bottle of bourbon at the site of your wedding exactly a month before the wedding date, then you will be guaranteed sunshine on your wedding day. Without hesitation, a month before the big day, Steve’s mother drove out of her way to the wedding site for us with a spade in her boot and a bottle of Jim Beam in her hand. She buried it under the wedding pavilion and sure enough as the southern tradition promised, the weather was perfect! We dug up the bottle the day after the wedding and the weather instantly turned for the worse!”


The wedding was held at Yurt Camp, Devon in July. “We knew the venue we booked was the right place for us to get married because it evoked the spirit of our USA road trip. It really reminded us of the camp sites we stayed in and where Steve proposed. It was also a great blank canvas for us to be able turn it into a slice of Americana with our props and decorations. The tables were named after notable sights and places we visited on the trip and we included music, favours, food and cocktails based on things we particularly liked from The States.”


“We added a little punk rock element to the wedding with an ‘anarchy’ table”, she concluded. “It was hidden in the forest for guests to find which was set up so that people could help themselves to ‘picklebacks’ which are shots of whiskey chased with pickle juice. We let a select few people know about it then let the word spread about the mystery ‘anarchy’ table in the woods… it went down really well and turned into the ideal spot for an ‘after party’ in the early hours. Long after retiring to the Bridal Yurt, we could hear drunken chants of encouragement coming from the anarchy table as people were persuaded to try this interesting shot!”


Such a gorgeous couple and wedding, be sure to check out the fab video by The Costa Sisters too!