Skulls, Tattoos and the 1950s Inspired Wedding: Tim & Holli

Ed Godden

December 26, 2013

tattoo wedding_Ed Godden117

The idea behind Tim and Holli’s wedding was for it to reflect the things they love, so they opted for a vintage, tattoo and 1950s inspired day. They added personal touches by making the centrepieces themselves, Holli also made her own bouquet from 12 red roses.

tattoo wedding_Ed Godden116

“We didn’t initially intend for a particular theme, it was a natural progression from our own ideas and lifestyle”, she wrote. “The tattoo parts to the wedding were inspired by Tim who is a tattoo artist. We wanted to keep the whole affair fun and very free, we just wanted everyone to have a good time.”

tattoo wedding_Ed Godden93

“We both really loved the table decorations that we made ourselves with some help from our parents”, she continued. “They were skulls with galaxy print and roses around them. We also had sweets in jars on all the tables for our guests. We managed to save money by doing a lot of the decorations ourselves because we are creative and my dress only cost £125! We then splashed out on our amazing photographer and our cake from Choccywoccydoodah!”

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