Channelling Steve McQueen

March 17, 2010

When Christina & Mitch turned up to their engagement session with their beloved ’68 Corvette in tow, photographer Clayton Austin was instantly inspired and channeled Steve McQueen as the idea behind the shoot. As a little bit of a petrol head myself, I can totally relate to how Clayton described the day.

Christina + Mithc RRB14

“When a car is good, you know it. You don’t need to pop the hood or kick the tires. You don’t need to ask for a carfax or wonder if she has been damaged by previous owners. Taking a car around the block for a test drive is completely useless. In the end all that matters is how she will hold up in the long run and the only way to know that is to be committed to going the distance. So go the distance.  Appreciate her. She is beautiful and people will admire her. Be proud but not jealous. And should you notice a friend eyeing her, gently remind him that she is yours and is not for sharing. After all, this particular model is one of a kind. She was customized for you and you alone. There are no others on earth like her. She is simply priceless. And when the outer beauty fades and the upholstery ages; just remember the days when she purred like a kitten in your two hands and how your heart raced when you got her engine going …”

However I have to say…I hope that Corvette was a manual (stick shift) car – otherwise it doesn’t count alright?! 😛

Thanks to Clayton for sharing these today

Credit: Clayton Austin