Lunchtime Cocktails + Photo Booth Madness = Very Happy Bloggers

June Cochran

July 13, 2013


Without a doubt, one of the most amazing and satisfying things about running The Blogcademy is meeting so many enthusiastic babes marching to the beat of their own drum and wanting to tell the world about it! Before starting this journey I couldn’t have ever imagined just how life-altering this event would be for so many of the girls who attend and just how strong the bonds they form during that weekend really are.

Our first ever class was in New York, so when we were back there this month we knew we had had to organise a reunion! We picked The Smith in the East Village based on it’s killer cocktail menu and the fact that it had a black and white photo booth in the basement (and a peep hole that plays naughty movies on the other side, but that’s something we didn’t know about until we got there!)

headmistress photo booth

It was so exciting to see those that could make it again and to learn just how far they’ve all come since we all nervously met back in the latter part of 2012. We all keep in touch via our graduates forum but it’s only when chatting to them all in real life that you can really appreciate the leaps and bounds that their blogs and businesses have made. Some of them are now full-time bloggers and others have been able to cut back on other work to focus on their businesses. Most of them have made a bunch of positive changes since we last met and every single one of them is still passionate and fired up about what they do. It was also amazing to hear that after spending the weekend together at the workshop so many of them have regularly meet up and to continue to help and support each other.


The girls who came to this first class will always have a special place in my heart. They trusted us enough to book in without hearing any testimonials, reading any syllabus or even knowing if we’d be able to pull it off, and for that I’ll be eternally grateful. We’ll certainly have to organise a similar meet up when we’re back in London in September so London Blogcadettes watch this space!


Our next class is taking place in Austin in August (which is the only US date we have left in 2013!) After that we’ll be hitting London, Australia and New Zealand. For more information on the workshop head over to our website to check out what we teachhave your questions answered and, of course, to reserve your spot.

Thank you to June for coming along to snap these pictures. They’re so precious. Have a great weekend guys. Lunchtime cocktails and photo booths for all!