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April 12, 2013


People always ask me about my own wedding. Sometimes it makes me cringe. There are so many things we’d do differently, the elusive “Oh if we only knew then what we do now…” But there is one thing I’d never change.

Gareth is my world, my life, my favourite, my reason for being… He supports me more than any husband should. He tidies and cleans our house from top to bottom as I’m chained to my computer and saying “Hey baby, takeaway for tea?” with frightening regularity.

Without Gareth, Rock n Roll Bride would be nothing but a dream… in fact not even that, I simply wouldn’t have ever imagined it. Words can’t express how much he puts into this little business of ours. I may be the ‘front of house’ but without him I wouldn’t even have a house to stand in front of…

Thirteen years ago he saw me (probably) stumble down the stairs at The Purple Turtle. I was wearing a denim skirt and ruched, sheer pink mesh top. He was wearing jeans way too baggy for his boyish frame and a giant navy FUBU puffa jacket. My hair was dip dyed cerise and his resembled that of Tin Tin. I was drinking snakebite & black and he was downing WKD Irn Bru. He turned to his friend and matter of factly told him “That’s the girl I’m going to marry”.

It’s just like Gareth to always be right. 

Eleven years ago I received a text on my birthday from a number I didn’t recognise, “Hey Kat, It’s Gareth. Remember me? Wanna go for a drink to celebrate your birthday?” “Go for it!” my friend encouraged, “he’s cute and he always had a thing for you”.

As our first five years together drew close, Gareth hatched a plan. He visited my parents and asked them permission to marry me. As he left, my mother and father held each other and cried. Cried with happiness and pride. Their eldest daughter had found a good one. On our five year ‘dativersary’ Gareth got down on one knee and asked me that biggest of questions, “will you marry me?” I forgot to say yes right away, but that’s a story for another time.

Exactly a year later, five years ago today, we sealed the deal. “I’ll love you forever” I declared in front of everyone we know. “You look awesome” he whispered in my ear. We walked back up the aisle as husband & wife to ‘The Power of Love’. People laughed and whooped and cheered, but all I could see was my husband’s beaming smile, and all I could feel was his hand squeezing mine.

foldable me

Big love to Foldable.Me, who have just launched their bride & groom range of outfits, and sent these over for our anniversary!

These have been the most amazing, exhilarating, happy and loving years of my life. I never thought I’d ever get so lucky. Would I alter things about our wedding if we were to do it all over again? Certainly. Would I alter even one little thing about the guy that I married? Not on your life.

Many things have changed since we first met, since we first got together and since we were married. But there’s one thing that hasn’t and will never change. I told Gareth I loved him within two weeks of being together. Luckily for me he said it right back… and we’ve been saying it back and forth ever since.

Happy five year wedding anniversary, Williams. I will love you, always & forever.