A Sunday Kind of Love: LOVE

August 26, 2012

I have so much Sunday Kind of Love for my new Vivienne Westwood LOVE necklace. Isn’t it amazing? I was in London this week with Lisa and I cracked… I’m pretty sure it’s the most perfect necklace ever. Expect to see many instagrams of me wearing the hell out of this baby over the coming months.

 I also saw on the website that they have matching earrings… OOH!

In other news, I could kinda use your advice on something. Would you pop over to my facebook page where I asked an important question (or post your response here, whichever you prefer) and help me out?

And finally, The Blogcademy is going from strength to strength (squeee!) We are tantalisingly close to selling out so if you’ve been considering booking yourself on the workshop then seriously don’t delay! Hum… I think my new LOVE necklace might be perfect for swanning around The Big Apple in.

Until tomorrow my lovers…


  1. I’m so not over pom-poms! Am planning on having loads at my evening party when I get married in May this year – I don’t think there’s anything else that has such a lovely quirky effect and is not overly expensive xxxx

  2. sarah

    Mum has practising her pom pom technique since Christmas, we’re embracing the pom pom with open arms as they look so pretty. 2013 is year of the pom pom in our house!

  3. Jayme

    OMG, so NOT over pom poms! They have basically become a “theme” of my wedding! They will be everywhere 🙂 Thanks for this blog post, lovely to see the pom revamped. That umbrella, so so awesome!


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