A Sunday Kind of Love: LOVE

I have so much Sunday Kind of Love for my new Vivienne Westwood LOVE necklace. Isn’t it amazing? I was in London this week with Lisa and I cracked… I’m pretty sure it’s the most perfect necklace ever. Expect to see many instagrams of me wearing the hell out of this baby over the coming months.

 I also saw on the website that they have matching earrings… OOH!

In other news, I could kinda use your advice on something. Would you pop over to my facebook page where I asked an important question (or post your response here, whichever you prefer) and help me out?

And finally, The Blogcademy is going from strength to strength (squeee!) We are tantalisingly close to selling out so if you’ve been considering booking yourself on the workshop then seriously don’t delay! Hum… I think my new LOVE necklace might be perfect for swanning around The Big Apple in.

Until tomorrow my lovers…


  1. I was typing out a reply to the original facebook post but got interrupted. So I’ll just post here! I use Bloglovin’ as my blog reader so I see every post you write, no matter when you post it. Since I’m in the US (west coast), I often just end up seeing all three pop up in my feed when I check each day. I do have to say that three gets a bit overwhelming for me. I try my best to give each post on every blog I follow my full attention, but with three a day on here it makes it a bit difficult. Personally, I think two would be ideal – still plenty of inspiration, but more manageable.

    On the other hand, if you already have a backlog of several weeks, would it mean your backlog would just keep growing? Or would you have to weed out some more submissions?

    It’s tough when you have so much awesome content to share! Funny, most people have the opposite problem, throwing in “filler” and recycled content and such when there’s just not enough going on. =)

    Regardless of what you choose to do, it will be awesome and we’ll love it. Just adding my two cents!

  2. Post author

    Thanks Kelsea! It seems the 2 posts a day is a popular option actually. im going to try it for a bit. In terms of the length of time… no i don’t think I’d change how i accept weddings it would just take me a bit longer to blog them once I get them


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