A Farm Wedding with Fancy Dress, Fun & Frolics: Lauren & Matt

August 31, 2012

Lauren & Matt started their wedding planning knowing exactly what they wanted: something relaxed, stress-free and fun. They were lucky enough to have a friend whose parents own a farm, so everything else really stemmed from that. Lauren told me all about it. “As soon as we got engaged we knew how we wanted our wedding to be, we just didn’t know how to do it! The first and most important thing was to find a photographer. Being a enthusiastic photographer myself, I spent weeks searching for one that she liked, we finally came across Sassy of Assassynation and sent an excited email straight away. She immediately told us to phone her for a chat as we hadn’t set a date yet, but when she told us she only had 2 Saturdays free in the 3 months that we were looking at we booked her there and then! Everything else was then planned around her.”

“I knew I didn’t want a traditional ‘wedding dress’ as I didn’t think I would feel comfortable in one, plus I knew it wouldn’t fit in with our wedding ideas”, Lauren continued. “I did try a few on, but although they were nice dresses I just hated being in them! In the end I wound up buying 6 dresses, all from eBay, all cheap and all not right! My last hope was a woman I had found on Etsy but I had to wait 4 months for it to arrive, considering we only had 5 months until the wedding I kept my fingers crossed the whole time that it would be right! Luckily it was perfect, and even more so at just £80! It was so comfortable and light.”

So what about the theme? Well originally the couple had booked a pub garden for the reception but as time went by they just didn’t feel like it was the right choice. “We worried that it wouldn’t be a reliable venue and when a close friend mentioned that we might be able to use her parents farm, knew it was perfect! They were absolutely amazing and worked so hard for us. We actually didn’t really have a theme, we just wanted it to be relaxed, fun and ours! Matt made a coconut shy and bought some garden games to help people relax and have fun.”

“My grandfather was a professional photographer (as is my aunt) and he loved to document things with his Polaroid. I hold these memories dear to her heart, so it made sense for that to play a part in our day. We collected fancy dress props from charity shops, painted up some instructions and left guests to have some fun, with the idea that they write a message on the photo rather than a guest book… by the time people got up the confidence they were too drunk to operate the camera properly though, but they all had fun dressing up”

“All of the decorations and bunting were handmade at home, we bought most of the fabric as clothes and bed sheets from charity shops then had a few scraps from craft shops! The jars and cans were collected by friends and family which we painted/drilled/sprayed and wrapped ourselves. Matt even made the dance floor out of some donated ply board! We actually couldn’t have held the wedding how it was without the help from our friends and family. The only things not sourced through them or handmade by us were the picnic benches, the toilets and the bar. Our friends worked tirelessly the 2 days before helping us to set it all up and we are so overwhelmed by how amazing they all are. We had no idea if what was in our heads would materialise, but it did just that and more, we couldn’t have dreamed it would be so perfect! We wouldn’t change a thing… well apart from maybe make a whole weekend of it like a real festival!”

FAAABULOUS. Lots of love and thanks to Lauren & Matt and Sassy of Assassynation for sharing today! Don’t forget about the video!

PS did anyone else notice that the dogs were wearing ties?! I’m dying!

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Assassynation
Video Credit: Sassy n Frank
Ceremony Venue: Bodicote House
Reception Venue: Manor Farm, near Buckingham – Carole and Richard Webb carolewebb@waitrose.com
Bride’s Dress: etsy
Bride’s Shoes: Irregular Choice
Bride’s Headpiece: DIY
Bride’s Jewellery: Antique shops
Groom’s Outfit: Vintage, Topman and H&M
Cakes: DIY
Flowers: Heather Goward, heather_2204@yahoo.co.uk
Caterers: Rupert Belcher of The Perfect Porker, contactus@theperfectporker.co.uk
DJ: kristian.winslade@googlemail.com