A Sunday Kind of Love: This is My Excited Face!

Be here, Monday morning, 9am (BST) to find out how to get your grubby mitts on a copy.

Being sold exclusively through Rock n Roll Bride and shipping worldwide, I am very excited that we’ve finally wrapped this incredible project. The only thing I ask is that if you get one that you post silly pictures of your excited face all over the internet too. Mkay?



  1. Nettie

    How exciting!
    In a way, its great that there has been so much time between copies one and two. It makes the magazine special, like an annual. Also, it shows you’re here for the long haul, not just quick gratification.

  2. RachyLou

    I can’t waaaaaait!! I’ve never wanted a Monday to arrive so quickly. Excited face AND excited dance?! Oh, go on then! X

  3. Wow! A very own Magazine! And it’s your decision which picture will be the Cover. Wow. So excited!! What will the issue cost? Though i’m not planning a Wedding, and my boyfriend will be thrilled if he grabs it ^^, i really would love to get one. And also I’m almost owning a Masters-degree in doing silly pictures haha


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