A Sunday Kind of Love: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

July 1, 2012

On Thursday Gareth & I packed up our bags and head northward to the West Midlands for our next School of Rock Blogging workshop. It’s the forth one we’ve done together but it doesn’t get any easier. I’m still an annoying nervous wreck in the morning “Gaaareth have you got the cables? Did you save the slideshow? Is there petrol in the car? Oh hurry up we’re gonna be laaaaaate!” I don’t know how he copes with me actually!

♥ optimistic with sunglasses on as we set off ♥ driving through actual rivers to get there ♥ the beautiful Curradine Barns ♥ who’s that imposer?! ♥ Emma’s ‘Kat face’ ♥ aaaaaaamazing cake topper of yours truly made by workshop attendee Cassie. Recognise the outfit? ♥

I was particularly excited and nervous about this workshop because so many people I knew were going to be there! Birmingham is full of a plethora of amazing wedding suppliers, and so many of them were making the trek from the city to the Curradine Barns in Worcester to hear me speak. NO PRESSURE.

I’ll talk more about how the day went when I share the photos Emma took and the video that the amazing Lee made next Monday (note: I’ll also be announcing the next workshop date and location so be sure to pop by if you want to get yourself a spot).

♥ a yummy way to start the day ♥ I don’t know why…? ♥ street art at The Wedding Custard Factory ♥ black tattooed wedding dress by The Couture Company ♥ Jo is making me a corset! How lucky am I?! ♥ I love Birmingham ♥

Friday morning we were up bright and early (er kinda…) and headed to The Custard Factory where Emma & Pete have just got a brand new office with Lee & Dawn! I was super excited to see where they were now working (very grown up, innit) as well as being able to hang out with so many of my wedding industry friends who also work in the area. I think the building should actually change it’s name to the wedding factory as so many of them are now based there!

♥ Emma’s photos on the wall ♥ Emma is over-excited about her new plates ♥ the boys hard at work… ♥ lampshade head ♥ the original lampshade head ♥ takin’ a photo of you takin’ a photo of me ♥

I love love loved Emma, Pete, Lee & Dawn’s office. It was like going home! They’ve put so much of ‘them’ into it with all their nick nacks, collectibles and, of course, photographs everywhere. I didn’t want to leave…

♥ beautiful butterfly print ♥ cute chair ♥ and another cute chair! ♥ remember this wedding? ♥ flower fabric ♥ lace ♥ feet and rug ♥ Instax Wide photos ♥ Awww! bloggers together – Me, Amma & Kelly ♥

It was so lovely to See Jo of The Couture Company, Amy of Ava Event Styling and Charlotte & Adam of Rock My Wedding, all of whom popped into say hello. I’d love to work in the same space as all these cool cats… but in all honestly, I don’t know how I’d ever get any work done!

♥ amazing chevron rug – WANT! ♥ a little piece of me on Emma’s desk ♥ colourful test tubes ♥ Dawn & Gareth have the same retro Casio watch! ♥ I have no hope of looking pretty next to the gorgeous Charlotte so I opted to pull a silly face instead…  ♥ wedding bloggers clearly love spiky shoes ♥ Outatime! Lee & I are destined to be BFFs ♥ U Like Me? ♥ vintage video cameras ♥

Thank you Birmingham and the West Midlands for being so wonderful to us. I can’t wait to visit you again soon!