A Sunday Kind of Love: Tie the Knot with Topshop & Richard Nicoll

You may have heard this news already, but just in case you’ve been living in a bubble, listen up! Topshop are releasing small capsule collection (7 dresses in total) of bridal wear this month!

Now like probably every twenty-something Brit I’m a huge Topshop fanatic, and I love the thought of them doing bridal wear, but in seeing these dresses I’m left more than a little deflated. They are beautiful, yes, but unless you’re a teeny tiny slip of a girl, I highly doubt these are going to be for you. They are a bit…erm….flimsy no?

Topshop say, “The world of fashion woke up to some very exciting news this morning, as the first pictures of the Richard Nicoll for Topshop bridal collection were revealed! As you would expect from one of the most elegant designers working right now, the dresses that Richard has created for Topshop are super contemporary and the antithesis of traditional frou-frou gowns. Beautiful lace shift dresses in blush pink and pure white compliment a floor length gown with a silk bodice, gentle peplum and sheer georgette underskirt. Every dress has a little bit of London cool – as Richard himself says, ‘these pieces are perfect as party dresses too if you’re not the marrying kind’.”

It’s a start though! And with prices ranging from a just £75-£350, well it would be rude not to at least go and look…

Items will be available at the Oxford Street flagship store in London and sold online from June 15th.

So, what do you think? Would you consider wearing Topshop down the aisle?

You can see the full collection via the Vogue website.


  1. Post author

    I KNOW RIGHT?! i quite like the ones with sleeves but only on the model. i think i’d look like i was wearing underwear!

  2. haha true!they somehow look unfinished…the pink ones are cute,but only for very slender ladies and not very wedding dressy.but each to their own,for someone this may be their dream wedding dress 😀

  3. Missy C

    I agree they are just for the stick thin! I think if I would wore some of them (being a curvy 12) it would look borderline pornographic – not a good look for your wedding! They look like nighties!
    BUT even if they were nice, I probably wouldn’t wear then just because of the fact they are Topshop and are probably shocking quality! Everything I’ve ever bought from there has broken the first time I’ve worn it!

  4. Kate

    Hmm, thought it was a great idea and was expecting to see more directional, modern and fashion-forward wedding dresses than the usual strapless, floor length yawners. So much potential, and they give us skimpy negligees. Disappointing! Even on the teeny model they look skimpy. Poor show, Toppers! x

  5. I agree Kat, not much good for anyone over a size 10. Also I already cringe seeing half the population in the same t-shirt/dress/skirt that I have from topshop, I’d hate to feel like my wedding dress was two a penny as it takes away from that special feeling. I’d want something more unique, which is still possible in that price range.

  6. Hmmmm, I don’t think these look ‘weddingy’ at all! Topshop should just stick to what they know. I have seen plenty of dresses similar to these styles elsewhere if a bride to be were considering a simple, affordable high street number.
    Personally I think they look a bit cheap. I am assuming the £350 one is the long gown. You can get a way better wedding dress for that price if you scour the sales, the internet and use your imagination (or if creative – customization!)
    Sorry Topshop, not a fan of these numbers 🙁

  7. Very disappointing. I certainly wouldn’t wear any of them. They would have been much been better off to sell simply cut dresses in a 50s/60s style silhouette in bridal fabrics. These look like underwear. I’d like to see the face of a vicar marrying a bride in the 4th dress! x

  8. Nettie

    I tend to walk around and see dresses that one wouldn’t typically think of as bridal and think “this could make an amazing wedding dress” but none of these do that for me.
    A couple might be good on a night out for a tall slim girl like our model here, but… meh.

  9. I think the first one, with the see through skirt and bra-strappery going on, is just horrid. Photos of it keep cropping up everywhere and it makes me sad 🙁

  10. I wrote about this the other day, I think they are very strange for wedding dresses, as general dresses they are quite nice however I agree with everyone on the size though they are really only suited for tall slim ‘model’ people.

  11. I think these are very odd for bridal wedding dresses! MAYBE the short white one that is OK…but the other three are not very nice at all!. Kelly

  12. Oh! Hmm, is that it! I too have been highly excited about these coming out and slightly worried I would want one more than my already purchased dress. At least I won’t be regretting my already purchased one! Nighties is all I can think of. Could look good on someone leggy but I don’t think I have ever seen a bride get her legs out quite this much. I am tall and size 10 and these would look terrible on me, unless paired with some dark opaque tights and a pair of cowboy boots.

  13. That first one is hideous! Really I can’t see any bride looking at any of these dresses (including the others in the collection which are also drab) and thinking “oh my gosh I just have to try that on – it could be THE dress for me!”, like I did with my own wedding dress, which was still under £500 and is amazing and gorgeous and beautiful!
    I think they may be aiming these dresses at the child-brides out there – with a model who looks about 16.

  14. God knows where they do their market research. I though the average sized lady these days was a 14/16? Without sounding like a bitter fat person (yeah I fit in that average bracket!) I think they need to get a grip! BUT if you are a size 6/8 and fancy pissing all your friends off by looking like the models in these pics then rock on! 🙂 x


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