An Adventure Shoot: Kirsta & Alec

The eagle-eyed amongst you might recognise Kirsta & Alec from their amazing Mexican Art wedding that I featured in February. Well they’re back, today with their amazing post-wedding shoot…and Krista has new (omgsoawesome) pale blue/grey hair!

The couple, who have just moved to Australia, wanted to do this shoot with their wedding photographer Galaxie Andrews to remember the places they love near their old home, before heading off for new adventures in Oz. “A mini end-of-season adventure with Kirsta & Alec took us on the road, exploring the quiet desert rivers, sandstone boulders and a placid mountain reservoir,” writes Galaxie. “We paused to enjoy wine, cheese, prosciutto and fruit, while great blue herons hovered above, and everything around was quietly breathtaking.”

Congratulations again guys. I love these photos so much!

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Galaxie Andrews Photography


  1. Post author

    Charlotte – isnt it the best colour ever? you HAVE to do it then we’d be pinky and erm bluey…

  2. Ohhh WOw!! that is so so gorgeous .. me love, love the hair, she is so pretty .. and the pictures are really nice too!! I will try and get all my friends and family to die their hair!! It is not often you see so cool hair colours here in DK as you do in your awesome blog Kat!!! Thank you once more for sharing so nice inspiration! Have a great weekend. Xx


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