A Sunday Kind of Love: Ulyana Sergeenko’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

After falling head over heels for her 2011 collection, I wasn’t sure my love for Russian fashion designer Ulyana Sergeenko could grow any more. However I stand well and truly corrected as her 2012 designs have floored me.

The cuts, the shapes, the fabrics. Everything about every. single. item. makes me want it in my life! Feminine, vintage-inspired and practically perfect in every way.

My only gripe is that I can’t find any of these items to buy online and I fear even if I did they would be way out of any price range I’d consider. It’s nice to dream though!


All Images: via Vogue.ru (more here)


  1. Laura Mac

    Oh WOW. I am actually in love. My heart melts a little at the fact these beauties exist but will never actually grace my body! Incredible.

  2. picklekitty

    These are incredible! In a perfect world I’d have my whole wardrobe fashioned like this. It makes me want to cry a little that all I can do is look at them.

  3. Superb this is the first collection I have seen in a long time I would just have everything, absolutely stunning I love the model as well she fantastic.

  4. Lucy

    Oh wow…my room mate just snorted at me due to my reaction to these dresses. Just..ahhhhh!

  5. Stunning! Voluptuous… Voluminous… I don’t think there’s enough V words to describe how gorgeous these are! Wow!

  6. Ioanna Mincheva

    All hail the Russian Queen of Vintage! Mesmerising, completely astounding!

  7. My favourite designer ever, love every one of them dearly. Imagine owning one of these beauties. I think I’d buy it it’s own wardrobe where I can climb in with it every day and touch it. That bit weird? *swoon*


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