A Sunday Kind of Love: Anastasia Radevich’s Lost Civilizations Shoe Collection

April 15, 2012

If you’re a shoe fetishist like me then you’re about to die over what I have to show you. Did you ever think an underwater world could be resurrected into shoe-form? Well, behold – the Lost Civilizations Shoe Collection from Anastasia Radevich.

“Lost Civilizations is the title for the collection of shoes that narrates a story of the lost civilizations of the past, present and the future,” Anastasia told me. “The first 5 pieces of shoes walk the viewer through civilizations that, despite all technological advancements, were doomed to vanish. They have been submerged beneath the seas, after the sea level rose and flooded lands that have been host to the humans before.”

“The shoe pieces have textures reminiscent to those brought up from the depth of the oceans and aesthetics of those civilizations. The constructions of shoes is sculpted from metal and then galvanized and rusted.”

You’re speechless aren’t you? Yeah me too. All I can say is I desperately need these ‘THIS WILL DESTROY YOU’ shoes in my life and that the marine biology-inspired sea-sunk heels (all hand crafted and 3D printed by Anastasia from her own studio) make me go completely weak at the knees.

If you’re after some unique shoes then look no further. Anastasia has literally carved herself an incredible niche right here. I’ve certainly never seen anything like it.

For more information and images, be sure to check out Anastasia’s website and facebook page.