A DIY Brazilian Wedding: Marcela & Paulo

Marcela & Paulo’s Brazilian wedding was a real DIY labour of love as their wedding photographers Frankie + Marília explained, “This bride is a nurse and very busy but she still somehow managed to find time to do everything for their wedding herself. She worked with a dressmaker that her family has worked with for years to come up with her perfect dress. It seems like everyone that has seen these pictures has fallen absolutely in love with it too!”

Marcela and her Mum also made as much of the wedding decor themselves as they could including the table runners and the flowers. “In Brazil, people usually give away little cakes called Bem-Casados as wedding favors,” they continued. “They are usually wrapped in some type of paper or cloth. Marcela ended up not having time to make the actual cakes, but she wrapped them in that awesome blue cloth to match the wedding theme. She even made an impromptu bouquet the morning of the wedding. She decided she wasn’t goning have one, but then decided to wrap a couple of tulips up with a bow and leave them sitting by the cake as decoration – we made her hold on to those for the pictures, that ended up being her bouquet.”

The wedding ceremony was also anything but traditional. The couple exchanged vows quickly followed by each sharing a touching sentiment about one another. “They are both very eloquent public speakers and it definitely moved everyone. Then their family and friends said a few nice words to bless their marriage, and that was it. They had gotten officially married in a courthouse the week before this, and didn’t think they needed any kind of fancy show. They didn’t exchange rings, but somehow it was one of the most emotional weddings we’ve ever shot.”

Gorgeous! Thank you to Marcela & Paulo and their photographers Frankie + Marília for sharing with us today.

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Frankie + Marília
Venue: Marakuthai Restaurant, São Paulo, Brazil
Bride’s Dress: Made by a local seamstress


  1. We also logged in just to compliment that stunning dress. And we love love love reading about weddings from other parts of the world besides the UK, the US, and Australia, so cheers to this wonderful short dress DIY Brazilian wedding!

  2. Juliana

    It’s so nice to see another Brazilian wedding over here!! I’m Brazilian and I can say that Brazilians brides love Rock’n roll Bride!! Tks for sharing Kat! =)

  3. I´m brazilian and I loved the wedding photos. I also loved the way the couple exchanged vows followed by nice words from then their family and friends. No Priest at all!!
    My mummy also got married in a very short dress in the 70´s. The priest got mad!

  4. Marina

    It’s wonderful wedding I have ever seen…Love love love. I love my cousin.
    You two are one of the best couples I have ever seen, may God grant you a happy married life! I believe you are the ones from the story that says – Happily Ever After.

  5. Heidi Schramm

    will she ever consider selling her dress?? i love the idea of getting married in it!

  6. Fabi

    I love your dress and you look beautiful, Gorgeous! 🙂 I am Brazilian also but I living in USA.

  7. Christa

    I’d love to get the contact info of her dress designer! <3 beautiful. and amazing wedding.


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