Thursday Treats – 9th February 2012: Vegas Countdown & Headshot Outtakes

February 9, 2012

Photography Credit: Lisa Jane Photography

Isn’t the photo at the top of this post beautiful? It’s one of my best friends, Katie, who got engaged at Christmas and is getting married in March (they’re doing it so quickly and it’s well exiting!) Photographer Lisa Jane came to Reading last week to do their engagement shoot and after seeing just this one frame on her blog I can’t wait for the rest!

I also asked Lisa if she could do some new headshots for me. I’m keeping most of them offline for now, but some of the outtakes were so funny I had to share them…

Photography Credit: Lisa Jane Photography

What a knobber…

In other news, this is the last Thursday Treats for a fortnight because I’m off to Vegas next week! Don’t worry my pretties, I promise to be back with a bumper edition on Thursday 1st March to make up for the absence.

I also want to give a little mention to my girls at Upper Street Shoes who featured me on their blog again this week. They asked me if I wanted to design some more shoes…well I couldn’t say no to that could I!?

So, what have you been loving this week? Why not share some of your favourite links in the comments below?

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Wild thing. Holy crap I just died and went to flower eyelash heaven…

Photography Credit: Eliza Claire

This behind the scenes video on posing tips is amazing. Go Jasmine!
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Photography Credit: Kristen Marie Tourtillotte