The Wedding Circus: A Photo Shoot Teaser

February 13, 2012

I have no words…

The final and full shoot will be on the blog just as soon as I have the images in my inbox – there’ll be no hanging around on this one!

Charlotte was the bravest of all the brave to get on the horse. The rest of us girls were way too chicken!

And oh em geeee check out my husband and his full on Crow-inspired make up!

Isn’t my black tattooed dress the best!?

For now, I hope these few shots might go part of the way to keeping you satisfied. However mainly I’m sharing them to be a big fat tease and to whet your appetite for what’s to come…


Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Assassynation
Dresses, Accessories & Styling: The Couture Company & Rawhide Corsets
Shoes: Irregular Choice & some model’s own (my pink, sparkly ones are from Benjamin Adams via Miss Bush Bridal)
Models: Kat & Gareth of Rock n Roll Bride, Charlotte of Restoration Cake, Lisa Jane of Lisa Jane PhotographyElbie Van Eeden, Regula & Bruno from The Tiny Red Factory, Hannah from The Couture Company, Simonne (the fire breather @feeneyfoofoo)
Horse: Spike (the horse) Anya (the horse handler) from Hornton Grounds Farm
Video: Sassy n Frank
Stationery/Posters: The Tiny Red Factory
Flowers: Amy, Little ‘A’
Circus Props: Russell’s International Circus
Set Styling: Assassynation & The Couture Company
Hair & Make Up: Elbie Van Eeden, Ellie Kerans, Zarla , Kat (through Zarla), Kizzy, Jo, Sarah
Hats: Sharper Milliner
Flower skull and leaf hat: Bloomingayles
Clay Signs: Cherrypie Lane
Location: Boxxed Warehouse, Birmingham
Shoot Assistants: Sally, Rosie, Queenie, Alicja, Becky, Rebecca, Chris, Ryan


  1. oooh it’s been worth waiting for the beauties! just gorgeous, u look like you had so much fun together 🙂 and I LOVE the make-up and styling!

  2. Charlotte

    Gorgeous ladies!

    And oh. my. GOD. the dress – those FCNK girls are THE BEST!! They mentioned how amazing your dress was when I popped in to show them my wedding pics and it is awesome!! Love them 🙂 x

  3. Linda

    The Made U Look girls are seriously awesome! These pictures are amazing!!! So so beautiful! Loving the dress Kat xx

  4. Kaaaaaaat, these are so amazingly perfect! That dress is killing me. I adore Gala’s dress too, it’s so cute! I already said this but I’m serious, I’m going to put that closeup of you on my inspiration wall, it’s ridiculous, magazine cover quality. Movie stars! You ladies freakin’ brought it!! Bravo to the photographers! I could actually sit here all day and look at these but it almost hurts to, they’re that good. The light is magical.

    Come back to California and take pictures with me! ;P

  5. Carey

    I really love your wedding coverage a lot but this site is turning more into a site about you and your life lately. Which isn’t really what I or a lot of your regular readers are interested in. Sometimes it’s ok…but maybe scale it back a bit?

  6. Really love this shoot and Love that dress and you look ace on Brooklyn Bridge…brings back a lot of memories of my trip to New York a few years ago.
    Carey ,don’t you find Kats shoots inspiring? She is a normal girl, normal figure who has worked hard and the results and perks of her hard work are that she gets to work with some fantastic designers,photographers and all round hugely talented people! So what would you say if some of your favourite designer and photographers had a fab shoot lined up and wanted to you to be part of it? …and if you are so flattered and excited that they have, would you keep it under your hat and not tell anyone? No…
    I don’t think you can speak for all of Kat’s other readers. Not only is she having fun doing her shoots she is helping companies promote thier products and services, and bringing them to our (the readers) attention. You will note that she always credits every single contributor to every shoot.
    ………and at the end of the day it is Kat’s blog so she can put what she wants on it.

  7. Lucy

    i agree Jo! Carey you certainly cant speak for all of us! kats shoots are some of my fave things she blogs. different and inspiring. i also love to get to know the girl behind the blog. so many wedding blogs are so generic and you dont connect with them in the same way. variety is the spice of life! if you dont like these posts dont look at them. there are still loads of weddings on the site!
    you are certainly in the minority looking at this facebook discussion:

  8. Even though I’m an old married practically by now, I still sneak over now and again just to quietly look at the beautiful photos and when I saw you were in New York I had to visit to see the shoot – totally beautiful shots of you both on the Brooklyn Bridge. I really really like this shoot but I just have to say I’m really quite sad to see you’re wearing real fur. I don’t think being vintage makes it any more okay to wear even if it has been dead for a whole lot longer. You’re such a style icon for so many people that it would be wonderful if you didn’t advocate the wearing of real fur – sorry just couldn’t not say it.

  9. Carey

    I never said she shouldn’t post anything about herself, just that lately it seemed like it had become an awful lot. And while I wasn’t attempting to speak for everyone, a lot of commenters agreed with me. And a lot didn’t. Which is fine. I actually work in digital ad sales and known that the publishers who last in the biz focus on specific content and a value proposition. Here thatbwould be the wedding content her advertisers want their ads next to, because those readers are more willing to buy their products (because they are planning a wedding or work in the industry). My guess is a reader who already had a wedding, and is coming for personal content about the blogger is worth quite a bit less to the advertisers. People lose interest in personalities but content is always king.

  10. Cynthia

    KAT! I LOVE your blog. LOVE IT. Let me count the ways…

    THANK YOU for featuring brides that have REAL bodies. THANK YOU for featuring same-sex weddings. THANK YOU for your post about Weight Loss & Weddings–I just tagged it on my facebook page. THANK YOU also for your post about your wishy-washi-ness regarding kids. Totally with you there. And finally, THANK YOU for your constant celebration of weddings and people. Sometimes this industry seems like it’s Trying to overwhelm me! You, love, are keeping it FUN.

    And it just so happens that I picked the color of my wedding dress about an hour ago. And then I saw you looking FANTABULOUS in the same color, here! I was hoping that I could find an example that showed me I wasn’t making a horrible mistake, and now I’m actually Elated.

    I just wanna give you a big hug. **HUG**


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