Dames in Disneyland

Made You Look Studios

June 16, 2013

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It seems like a lifetime ago, but just as I’m ramping up to head off to America again this week, Made You Look Studios sent over the photos from our Disneyland adventure in April. I’d never been before and on hearing this revelation Gala encouraged… nay insisted that they take me there for my birthday. Well who am I to turn down an invitation like that?!

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Our first stop, again on Gala’s insistence, was The Haunted Mansion. It was as weird and wonderful as I expected, and even the ride breaking down midway through couldn’t dampen our spirits!

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Next on the agenda was ears! Anyone who’s been following the three of us for a while will be well aware that we all have an unrelenting and unexplainable obsession with wearing them at any opportunity. So clearly, Disneyland is our Mecca! We all opted for silver sequin numbers. Silver sequins are a neutral don’t you know? These go with everything!

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Ever the tour guide, Gala took the reigns again. “Where to next?” we asked, “Why, Sleeping Beauty’s castle of course!” she squealed…

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There’s always time for a quick Instagram op…or two…

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Christina took the time to take these portraits of me as we hung out by the Dumbo ride and then again at Minnie’s House in Toon Town. I mean, damn gurrrrl, where does she get off being so talented?!

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This might just be my favourite shot of myself… er… ever. It is terribly uncouth to actually say that? Check out that rainbow action!

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We also stopped off to visit the Cheshire cat. He was always one of my favourites!

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And took a stroll around Tarzan’s Treehouse…

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In need of a pick me up I grabbed some candyfloss. It made for the perfect photo prop too of course!

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We posed against a perfect turquoise wall…

disneyland (214)disneyland (220)

…although this dude had no qualms about barging right through to get to the water fountain!

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Shauna went nuts for the avant garde styling of the It’s a Small World Ride (ps BABE!)

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And Michael Jackson of course! Captain EO was 80s-tastic and a definite highlight. Shauna (who is MJ obsessed) has seen this about 437 times and she still grinned like a loon the whole way through!

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It was hot, over-crowded (going to Disneyland over Spring Break is not recommended!) and I wore shoes that killed my feet but we had an utter blast and laughed the whole damn time. I love these girls so much and I’m so excited to see them again next week!!

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I have so much love to the Made U Look babes, and I know I shouldn’t have favourites but to Christina in particular – I LOVE YOU ENDLESSLY. I truly feel we have some weird kind of psychic connection. We’re so similar it’s scary…

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Tired but happy girls. Phew what an adventure. Disneyland, I’m sure we’ll be back soon!

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