A Sunday Kind of Love: Kids on Marriage

This Week’s Love List…

♥ Overcoming my Skype phobia ♥ plans plans plans! ♥ shoots shoots shoots! ♥ having a full week at home – I didn’t have to go to London ONCE! Bliss… ♥ kitties crazy on catnip ♥ slanket snuggles & cuteness ♥ having my hair all cute again – beautified by Elbie ♥ all you can eat sushi!! ♥ blog love ♥ thinking about feminism & business…and missing Megan (but getting excited that I’m going to see her again SOON!) ♥

Best of the Rest…

Have a great Sunday guys!


  1. DeAun

    My laugh for the morning, out of the mouth of babes…..I second the last two date quotes LOL


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