A Grocery Store Engagement Shoot: Colleen & Mike

This grocery shopping engagement shoot made me giggle. It’s not often I see a supermarket looking so chic and cool. In fact I love it so much that I’m even considering not doing my usual ‘let’s put off the food shopping until all we have left in our cupboards is mayonnaise and gin…’ dance and popping down to my local store right now to see what inspiration is lurking among the tins of beans and frozen peas…

“We didn’t want your typical ‘day in the park/vintage picnic’ engagement session, so we picked our favorite corner grocery store that has a bit of an offbeat feel to it,” Colleen told me. “The sandwiches at their deli counter are killer and while you wait for them to prepare your food you can sit in their lounge area and catch up on some reading, play retro Atari or peruse the aisles for random groceries and delicious libations. The store has a retro feel to it, so we chose our wardrobe to reflect that 50s grocer feel. We both live in the area and have loved their sandwiches for years. Mike’s favorite sandy is the Baron Rodgers and mine is the Frukwine- yum!”

Thank you to Colleen & Mike for sharing these today!

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: CJ Foeckler
Location: Farwell Foods & Koppa’s Fulbeli Deli, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


  1. oh i love this SO MUCH!! especially how each photo is a little story on its own, such a “why didn’t I think of that” idea, which are always the best ideas… love love loveee!

  2. This looks fantastic. I wish we had such an awesome supermarket near us, that would definitely make our weekly shop far more interesting.. I guess we’ll just have to make do with Tesco :p

  3. No way, and it’s in Milwaukee on Farwell? You mean, where I spent so much of my time in college in MILWAUKEE, on Brady and Farwell (it’s where the cool kids hang out or something)!?! I feel like you posted this just for me. Aww, thanks!

  4. Charise

    I knew that was Milwaukee the moment I saw this! I took my English friend to this wonderful grocer once and she said she’s never seen a place like it…in all the world. Your engagement photos are like no other photos in all the world. Congrats!

  5. what an amazing and unique idea! Besides, congrats to the photographer cause these kinds of light are very tricky… amazing! Very inspiring!

  6. Oh my gosh I LOVE this shoot! It doesn’t hurt that it happens to be shot in my favorite city in the world, at the little corner market I used to live a block from! Adorable, fun and full of personality.


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