A DIY Country Wedding: Jacob & Sarah

Jacob & Sarah had a DIY country wedding at Harmony Museum, PA.

“Together with our community of friends, we pretty much made everything on our own because we wanted our wedding day to represent who we are,” Sarah told me. “Having the wedding ceremony and reception take place in a non traditional atmosphere also helped to sort of describe where we were coming from, a subculture scene of punk music and tattoos. One of the most important things that we wanted to come from our wedding day was to have a celebration with the people who we love the most. We have a very close group of friends that we respect and hold close and we wanted them to feel like it wasn’t just ‘Jake and Sarah’s Day’ but rather a party for all of us. Immediately after the ceremony, which was fairly short, there was just a big party.”

“For the centerpieces we collected bottles that we found on the railroad tracks and in the woods all around Pittsburgh,” she continued. “Above one of the tracks that run through South Side there was what appeared to be the remains of an old bottling plant, and there we found probably close to 100 very neat old bottles. After many soaks in the bath tub I tied pieces of fabric and ribbons around the bottles to dress them up a little. So, our centerpieces were free!”

Sarah wore a handmade dress by I see You Brightly on etsy with vintage shoes. Her headpiece was handmade by a friend and her jewellery was made for her by Jacob.

Instead of a cake they had a dessert table filled with pie, cookies and other treats bought by their guests.

Thank you to Sarah & Jacob for sharing their beautiful day with us today.

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Kyna Damewood
Venue: Harmony Museum, PA
Bride’s Dress: I see You Brightly on etsy
Groom’s/Groomsman/Bridesmaid Outfits: Various including etsy, Modcloth & DIY!
Band: Two Tone Wolf Pack 


  1. We were about to guess the Harmony Museum from the pictures, and then read the entire entry and confirmed it! We’re definitely fans of their approach to make the wedding a celebration of themselves and family and friends, as in the end, that’s what we feel the best weddings are really about. Good work you two!

  2. I love the bride’s and bridesmaids shoes! The pictures with only the bride and groom are my favorite, they look so in love with each other! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I adore this wedding!!! The bride’s dress is absolutely stunning (as is she) the colours are beautiful and I love the bottles!

    I hope my tattoos look this good when I wear my wedding dress, too.

  4. love this one, bride looks so innocent; having one of my arm tatooted i was looking for a long sleeved dress but this wedding inspired me a bit; thank you for sharing!

  5. I saw a picture of this wedding on Tumblr and although it wasn’t properly credited I knew immediately that it would be on your site. So glad it is too because I wanted to see more. You always feature the best weddings.


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