Welcome to Rock n Roll Bride 2.0: The Green Room

In 2007 I started a wedding blog, called it Rock n Roll Bride and began sharing alternative weddings and inspiration – wedding inspiration for girls like me. Girls that were planning their weddings but felt disillusioned and disheartened by the frou frou, fluffy, cookie cutter industry and limited choices they were offered for ‘their’ big day.

Skip forward a few years, to January 2012, and this little wedding blog of mine has grown to be amongst the most popular in the world (OK it feels utterly ludicrous typing that but I guess it is true…) Needless to say, the girl with the silly neon hair and big dreams did good. This wedding blog is now not only my full time job, but my husband Gareth’s. We have an incredibly chaotic and happy home and we couldn’t be more grateful for where Rock n Roll Bride, and the people who’ve supported it, has brought us.

I love alternative weddings. I love the girls (and the few boys!) who read my blog, who comment, who email and who keep me sane – but similarly I love the connections I’ve made within the industry. The genuine friendships that have formed with like-minded wedding industry folk, who want to do things their own way and show the big boys who’s rocking the wedding world right now. Starting out as a nobody in this outwardly daunting industry, you quickly work out who the good guys are, and who the bigwigs who’ll turn away when you walk towards them are!

I guess what I’m trying to say in my usual roundabout way, is that looking back (and trying not to be blush) I have actually come pretty darn far in the last 4+ years and I now really want to use my blog to share more of the lessons I’ve learnt and experiences I’ve had along the way. I guess I want to give something back.

So welcome to Rock n Roll Bride 2.0, and a brand new area and extension of the blog and brand. Although I am still (and always will be) all about the weddings, recently I’ve really enjoyed writing about and sharing (on the blog, in my Photo Professional Magazine articles and in workshops) the business stuff and getting into discussions about how and what I do in mine. In the same way that I enjoy helping people to be inspired and to plan a wedding that reflects them, I have found doing the same thing for people wanting to rock their own wedding businesses extremely rewarding.

My philosophy with these posts and talks have been the same as with the weddings – I didn’t go to business school, I’ve never written a business plan in my life and I’ve never had investors or any backing other than that of my long-suffering husband! I don’t know how to calculate my own tax and the HMRC website brings me out in a cold sweat. I don’t know the ‘right’ way to do these things, I just know my way (and FYI I have Gareth for the scary tax stuff thank goodness). My blog is the alternative wedding of the business world, a perfect reflection of me. It’s certainly not run in the traditional way but would I change anything I’ve done over the past few years? No-flippin’-way.

I strongly believe that the most important thing in any business is being your own person, standing out, having a different outlook or opinion and giving your clients a reason to invest in you. Being my own person is something I’ve always been very good at (just ask my Mother!) and this is what I want to do with this new area of the blog – to give you a place to figure out your personal path.

So, what’s going to change?

I have enjoyed writing about the business aspects of running a blog and sharing all the behind the scenes stuff over the past few months. However I am well aware that these articles are not that relevant and potentially not that interesting to my bride-to-be readers. Yet I do have a readership of people like me, mostly in the wedding industry, who are running their own businesses and struggling as I do, wondering if what they’re doing is correct.

So, we’re splitting the blog into two parts – the wedding section and the business section, which I’m affectionately calling ‘The Green Room’ (I used to work in television and the green room was the place we’d hang out, eat, chat about work, moan about work – although I promise there won’t be too much moaning in my green room! – and so I wanted the same concept here. Plus isn’t green an incredibly calming colour? That’s also the ambiance I want in this area – a tranquil and chilled space where we can hang out, chat business and not feel stressed that we’re doing it wrong/asking silly questions/getting judged by others).

It will take me a while to get into the swing of things, to work out the best blog schedule and stuff, but I’m seriously excited about it and I hope you’ll come along for the ride! My current plans are to start off with three blog posts a week, a post written by me on Tuesdays (in the old Post It Note style), a little interview or article on someone I find inspirational (and I think you will too) on Wednesdays and a guest post on Fridays (I’ll accept guest post submissions from anyone, as long as your article is business related, drop me an email if you’d like to contribute and we can chat about your idea).

Oh and talking of Post It Notes, the business notes have just been transferred over the The Green Room and the wedding notes have been recategorised into simply ‘wedding planning advice‘.

If you subscribe to Rock n Roll Bride via RSS The Green Room posts will automatically appear in your feed. If you visit the website, all you have to do is move your mouse cursor over to the upper right edge of the homepage (click HOME at the top of the site if you’re in this article to take you to the front page of the website). You’ll see the Green Room nudge inwards slightly, then just ‘click’ to bring it all the way over. Go on have a go now, isn’t it cool!? (Yes I have spent hours just clicking it from left to right over and over…don’t judge…)

Oh…and I must give a HUGE shout out to Mr. Rock n Roll Bride, Gareth, for the new room and all  the hard coding work he’s put in over the Christmas break. Isn’t the sliiiide function super pretty?!

Rock n Roll Bride 2.0 has well and truly arrived, come on lets go! Now Sliiiiiide…

All Photography Credit: Michael Eastman


  1. Awww Kat, this is such a fab idea! I LOVE reading your business post-it notes so I can’t wait to read what you have in store for us. xxx

  2. I’m really excited about this – a great idea and so useful for all of us trying to find our own way in our businesses. It seems much of it is just trial and error and muddling through!

    Thanks and looking forward to the posts!

  3. Great idea Kat I look forward to keeping up with this as a not that long self employed wedding person, mum and permanently stressed out about keeping ontop of businessy things ( esp HMRC!) person! Phew!

  4. You have no idea of how helpful this will be for me over the upcoming months 🙂
    I freaking love you girl!

  5. Hi kat, this is a really great idea, and whilst also coming from left field (in comparision to your usual slant) I would love to take a stab at mixing it with your crowd via a guest blog post some time….Good luck for 2012

  6. Well done Kat – I know through the UKAWP that so many new businesses struggle and panic on what is right or wrong. As you say, there is no ‘right or wrong way’, you have to do whatever works for you. Since I’ve been a planner (2002) I’ve been amazed at how the industry has changed, if you had a website in 2002/2003 you were considered ‘innovative’ for the wedding industry! Sadly running your business and doing your craft be it photography or wedding planning you still need to work ‘on’ your business and knowing what to do can be a mindfield. You have to be a jack of all trades including PR and having a regular blog. It’s no wonder it brings people out in sweats! Good luck with the ‘green room’ and if I can help with anything esp. relating to wedding planners just let me know. love B xxxxx

  7. Super excited to see where this is going to go… 🙂

    (also cant see the slider – guess I need to just subscribe to the feed so I dont miss anything!)

  8. Fab idea, I will be there reading all your posts, will be wonderful to get some more tips from the ‘girl who cracked it’

  9. Happy New Year Kat! This sounds like a great new step in your business (and world domination!) and can’t wait to follow it and read all your helpful morsels as I have with the post it notes. Slide function very cool too Gareth!
    And also now want to paint a room in my house entirely green 😉

  10. I am so looking forward to this as I love the post it notes. Congrats to you both – I think it will be a huge success! And I reckon I could use all the help/ inspiration I can get !

  11. Dannii

    Brilliant idea! Really looking forward to being updated on both ‘sides’ of the blog. I also can’t see the sliiiiiiider yet, I’m using Chrome. Good on ya, keep up the awesome work!

  12. Post author

    Dannii, it definitely works in chrome as that is what we’re using. have you maximized the screen?

  13. Post author

    Ahh guys, if you cant see the slider its maybe cos your in this post – if you click HOME at the top of the page to take you to the homepage of the site its there…

  14. That’s brilliant Kat. Being male, married and fairly mainstream, it’s your business posts that I enjoy the most (not that I don’t enjoy and draw a huge amount of photographic inspiration from the wedding posts).

    Happy new year to you and Gareth, I wish you continued success and hope to have a wedding to submit to you at some point in the next few years.

  15. IE7 – ok, I can sort of see it, but it looks like the article is just fading off the page – I had no idea what it was until I clicked it and it took me to an article about outsourcing, so I guess thats it – but it doesnt look like its actually part of the page…. if you want me to send you a screen capture, I can, if that would help?

  16. Post author

    nope thats what its supposed to look like addie. the idea is obviously a brand new one and the slide across function is something no one (that i know of) has done before with a blog, so obv there will be some teething problems and confusion to begin with.

    brand new ideas often are harder to work out than copying what everyone else is doing 😛 but thats a risk im willing to take to do something innovative 😛

  17. uber luv GREEN! uber pretty cool!!! good thing there was a ‘NOW CLICK’ pop up to help me figure it out the ‘slideeeee’ first ehheeh =)

    and i swear i shed a tear when you wrote this part — “to give you a place to figure out your personal path.” <— why you should know that you've already done that way ahead to me (or im sure to anyone else out there) ever since i landed on your blog! so again, my endless thanks for being just YOU! =)

  18. Super idea Kat. It takes too much precious time to have to discover everyhing yourself when you’re running your own business, so having a resource like this available could help many, many people!

  19. What a brilliant idea! I love to read both parts of your blog… part of making my wedding ideas a reality (and perhaps a future feature of Rock n Roll Bride!!!) is getting my own business off the ground – I’m currently in the counting every penny I spend phase, as soon as I have an income again I’m saving for the big day! I left my full-time job two months ago to focus on my business, and have spent that time working my socks off as well as remembering that I got this far by doing things my way and so I need to keep being myself! I am looking forward to all the Green Room blogs, and will definitely be up for commenting, sharing and being part of the community! Thank you!!!

  20. What a great post to start out the new year with. Thanks so much Kat for all that you and your husband do for the industry and for brides! Wishing you both a wonderfully successful, happy and kikin’ new year!

  21. Excellent stuff, Kat: you’re definitely filling an industry gap here, and many thanks for doing so. Am loving the sliiiiiiiiiiiiide. Also loving the pictures of the Green Room – where were they taken and can I move in?

  22. Absolutely Fantastic!!! Kat, thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us. I have taught on living authentically for several years, and have to say that you are a great example of just that! I wish I had realized the importance of being myself earlier in life. But better late than never… Thank you for being Real Life Inspiration!

  23. Sophie

    Loving this idea Kat and Gareth.

    It’s really selfless of you to give something back to a competitive market and to include it as project of it’s own will make you both an even bigger success!

    Cheers me-dears! Very inspiring.


  24. Meredith B

    This is very clever, but I can’t help but wonder if (new) people are likely to find it if they haven’t, um, read this post. O.o


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