Thursday Treats: 12th January 2012 – Victorian Steampunk & Handmade Giant Paper Flowers

January 12, 2012

Photography Credit: Whoa, amazing animated look book from Verrier by Reed & Radar (more on Miss Moss)

I just wanted to start today’s treats by highlighting something that went up in The Green Room this morning, just in case you don’t regularly read that side of the blog. I’ve just announced my first tour date for my blogging workshop, School of Rock (n Roll Bride), for 2012! I’m taking my tour bus to…ah ha you’ll have to pop over there and have a look for yourself!

Tickets for the workshop are available right now and spaces are limited to just 20 attendees. Click here for more info and to book your spot.

OK on with the treats…

♥ This made me laugh but it does also raise some good points – The 10 Rules to Contact Famous Photographers
♥ Loads of great links here with tips on getting your weddings published
Gibson’s on the Pond Wedding
Gorgeous waterside engagement
♥ New year, new hair? Things to consider when changing your look – fabulous post by my girl Elbie
♥ I need the unspillable wine glass
♥ Aborbs fortune cookie idea
Epic Victorian Steampunk Wedding

Photography Credit: Braedon Flynn

♥ Thank you to Nina who shared her blog with me this week. This inspirational lady blogs about her life with alopecia.
♥ Pantone: The 20th Century in Color – the photos in Nubby’s blog post rock
♥ Wow excuse me but I think a trip to Primark is in order! How gorgeous is their spring/summer 2012 collection?!
♥ Speaking of fashion, Gala tweeted about the Wildfox Couture SS12 collection this week too and I’m in LOVE!
♥ Have you heard about Dashing Magazine yet? This cute online magazine is just perfect for getting lost in. Issue two was released this week.
DIY clip-in extensions – genius
♥ The cat in my babies hats – this is hilarious. Check this out if you need a giggle…
♥ Bad ideas and optimism 
♥ DIY Bohemian Picnic Wedding
♥ This Handmade Paper Flower Wedding is just incredible. FACT. Be sure to also check out the DIY tutorial for you to make your own too!

Photography Credit: Studio Castillero

♥ Haha! Thanks to Steve and Ashton for sharing this! What a surprisingly genius idea…


  1. Hen

    Interesting article about the bride wearing her mum’s/grandma’s dress- I’ll be wearing my mum’s dress when I get married in August. It’s a bargain at the cost of a dry clean, really nice to have that continuity, and amazing how it fits perfectly, too. My mum had it tailor made in Eastern Germany in the 70s. And no, it doesn’t look like Kate’s 😉
    There is something nice about having your own dress as well, so for the evening I’ve bought a 1930s dress (a flea market find). I have to say, having read a number of your recent articles I am mighty glad I never even set foot in a bridal boutique.
    Anyone else wearing their mum’s dress? (or their nan’s?)

  2. i really love the bride in her mum and grandmas dress… i wish i could be as tiny as my mum AND grandma on my wedding day so i could wear either of their dresses, but i was blessed with curves hahaha!

    i also loved seeing the owl and the pussycat themed ideas… so cute!


  3. keeley

    well . . .i cant decide which is my fave part of this post… oh yes i can!! who knew a song with the words ‘even if i farted and followed’ through in could be so lovely?!?! haha and im not wearing my nannas dress! as much as i wouldve loved to as it was stuning, and similar to kates actually, but i am wearing a £75 vintage one form the 30’s and i cannot wait. bridal boutiques werent for me either! 😉 ahhh i think you deserve to have an award on your mantel piece! xx


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