A Sunday Kind of Love: Impromptu Dance Parties

This week’s Love List…

Cocktails at… ♥ My bestie Lucy giving birth! ♥ Two blissful days in Brighton ♥ Readers who send me things like this – wow! ♥ My latest Charlotte Balbier obsession ♥ Visiting David Fielden in his showroom ♥ A leisurely amble around the Selfridges shoe department ♥

Best of the Rest

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Alternative Wedding Fair in London. These photographs totally sum up the day to me. The dresses by Elisabeth Armstrong were just so fabulous and the models were totally gorgeous.

Impromtu dance parties in Piccadilly Circus are amazing.

Photography Credit: Just-Married Photography


  1. Awh, thanks honey. It was lovely hanging out with you in Brighton. Although you have left me with an 80s power ballad in my head and a taste for Hendricks, tonic & cucumber. Ace pics of the Alternative Wedding Fair Laura, I hear they are also coming to Brighton. Yay!

  2. Thanks for featuring those awesome photos Kat! I can’t believe those guys just showed up and started dancing with the girls-could not have been more perfect! I am actually on the train to Manchester at the moment so should have updates on the next Alternative Wedding Fair in Manchester plus more to come soon about Brighton and potentially Glasgow. xx

  3. I’m reaaaaly pleased to see that the Alternative Wedding Fair had some beautiful, curvy girls modeling. I approve. And beautiful photography, as always, by Laura at Just Married.

  4. We had so much fun on that day. Really gorgeous people, dresses, places! The chap who started us dancing was a sweet pea too.
    I do feel rather honoured to have worn such beautiful attire and be involved in such a lovely day!

  5. Button Moon

    Had a fab time at the AWF too last Sunday and those dresses and the girls looked amazing. If I’d had the budget, I sooo would have one (dress not the girl… :o) )
    And yay to AWF coming to Brighton too!

    Ooh and I second Hendricks, tonic and cucumber. My fave! Introduced to this in the BasketMakers. (love that pub!)

  6. Bluebelle

    God I love the pink and white dress. Lovely to see a curvier girl modelling – she looks amazing. The others do too of course.

  7. So glad that everyone seems to be loving the curvier models! I know they were a little nervous about doing the show, so its great to see such lovely comments! I wanted to show a range of different sized models so that brides would be able to identify with the model that was most like their body shape, and have a better idea of how that dress might look on them….I even had a bride come up to me and say that it was so lovely to see a curvier girl looking so stunning and glam as it gave her ideas and inspiration on how to achieve that for her wedding day too!

  8. those dresses are amazeballs! And I love that they didnt have to use too-skinny models for them – these girls are definitely rocking it out… and the guys – delish!


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