A Sunday Kind of Love: All I Want for Christmas…is the Furla Candy Bag

December 18, 2011

This Week’s Love List…

♥ xmas parties ♥ getting a real Christmas tree ♥ treating ourselves to loads of new Christmas decorations! ♥ tinsel ♥ champagne deliveries ♥ finishing my Christmas shopping! ♥ overusing the word Christmas in this post ♥ Five years of Gala! ♥ Saturday nights in ♥ Sunday morning lie-ins ♥ Sex and the City marathons ♥ this Betsey Johnson necklace ♥

Best of the Rest…

You know youre getting old when you ask for carpet for christmas. However I think I can safely secure my Rock n Roll credentials for another 365 days if I have this baby with me. I was walking down Regent Street this week and BOOM! I was shot with handbag lust of epic proportions when I saw these lovelies glissening in the window of the Furla flagship.

furla candy bag

Oh please please pleeeease Santa will you bring it for me for Christmas? That is, if I’m not on the naughty list of course? I might even be able to forget about the £740 Vivienne Westwood beautiful that I’ve been dying to get my hands on for the Furla Candy bag. YUM.

Oh and it comes in motherfreakin’ glitter editions too.

Be still my beating heart.

PS Fancy a Sunday giggle? Well check out what these mean old parents did to their kids. Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to give their children a fake rubbish present and film the results. Hilarious! The kid who got the Hello Kitty outfit and the girl who got the half eaten sandwich have got to be my favourites, “I want a refund!!”