Lauren & Tim’s Vegan & Eco-Conscious Wedding

It was important to Lauren & Tim to make their wedding as vegan as possible. This is how they live their lives so they wanted this reflected in the biggest day of their lives.

The wedding was held at Mt Keira Scout Camp, “We chose this site as we are both scouts”, Lauren told me. “It is a beautiful scout camp and I would go camping there as a young scout and see people getting married there. Ever since I have wanted to get married there. Mt Keira scout camp is beautiful. It is located about half way up Mt Keira which looks out over Wollongong to the ocean. It has a lovely, mystical, bushy setting with lovely old buildings and a peaceful feel. Followed the ceremony they had a reception in Lauren’s parent’s back garden.

Lauren’s dress was custom made by Vanesa Evans and was made of vegetarian silk. “Vanesa was fantastic and helped me transform my ideas into reality,” the bride continued. “She was very accommodating and willing to make something different. She went above and beyond. Highly recommended. We had difficulty sourcing vegetarian (peace) silk and unfortunately ended up having to get it from USA which didn’t really fit our enviro friendly plan. At times it would have been easy to give up on peace silk but Vanesa encouraged me to continue.”

“The bodice of the dress is a corset with two lace up sections at the back and a row of gorgeous, small, green buttons up the center back. The skirt of the dress was made up of multiple layers of fabric (using two different types of vegetarian silk fabric). The top of the dress was hand beaded with green, purple and ivory beads, in a pattern which retro circle matched our invite design and also a pleat on the bridesmaid dresses. This segment is detachable so I could transform later in the night to wear my beautiful felt bolero and necklace.”

Tim wore a vegan suit designed and made by A.J. Machete and Sons on Etsy and Lauren designed the bridesmaid’s dresses herself. “They were fairly simple baby doll style dresses with different tops to suit each of the girls. The colours were a ‘royal’ purple and kelly green. Each dress had a pleat at the front set to the left with a paler version of the main dress colour with the design from our invites screen printed on it.”

Thanks to Lauren & Tim and photographer John for sharing these today.

Photography Credit: John Benavente Photography


  1. Lauren

    Thanks guys. It was awesome, lots of fun to organize. Unfortunately wasn’t entirely vegan with the silk in there but vegetarian.
    We wish they were solar lights, they were going to be candles in jars but the rain was a bit of an issue.
    You should have seen my hair the day before, it was fluro orange, had a major hair disaster and was in the hair dressers on 3 separate occasions 🙂 oh well I laugh about it now.

  2. Luna

    omg i want the hair! (i tried to dye my hair that colour a few days ago – its patchy and a horrible colour i look like a dirty chow!)

  3. Peggy

    I was there!!! It was an amazing wedding and Loz n Tim are super awesome!!! Congrats on your beautful wedding and thanks for letting me be part of the day.

  4. CJ

    Two of my closest friends are about to get married and are planning their vegan wedding, was just curious as to where Lauren got her stunning bouquet and if you could share a few more details about the vegan menu? Thanks.

  5. Yay for vegan Aussie brides! Dying to know what your food was like. We’re planning on self-catering our wedding in Hunter Valley next year.

  6. paulette

    congratulations to you both, looks amazing !!!
    best wishes from all at the Disability Trust xx


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