Attention UK Wedding Photographers – Jasmine Star is Coming!

As anyone that follows me on twitter or facebook will know, I am a big Jasmine Star fan…huge in fact. I love this woman. I find her incredibly inspirational and I just adore her. Adoration in like a girl-crush/I want us to be best friends and plait each others hair kinda way…

So… why am I writing this today? Well, again if you follow me on my various social media platforms, you will also know that I’ve been banging on about how excited I am about making some ‘big announcement’ for the last week or so. Well I hope you’ll forgive my diversion this morning because I really do have some ridiculously exciting news. In fact ‘ridiculous’ isn’t a strong enough word for just how exciting this news is… stupendous, incredible, mind-blowing, life-changing…now maybe we’re on the right track.

Jasmine Star is coming to the UK to do her first ever photography workshop in London…oh and I’m helping her organise it.

So here’s the story. About a month or so ago, I was reading Jasmine’s blog and eagerly awaiting the next instalment of  CreativeLive, and I decided to email her and just lay it out there…

“Hi Jasmine, this is just a quickie…have you ever considered coming over to the UK to do a workshop? I can tell you 100% that it would sell out. The industry over here is buzzing right now but we need your help. When it comes to seminars, we all know you are the queen of the talk and the UK utterly loves you. The UK neeeeeeds you in fact. So many photographers I know are fantastic at the photography bit but they are lost with the business and blogging side. Please come and help us!”

And guess what people? Guess WHAAAAAAT?…she only replied straight away and said she’d love to try and come over and would I help her organise it!? Uhh OK stupid question. I am all over this!

So here’s the drill. The day-long workshop (9am-5pm) will be taking place on Wednesday 20th July 2011 at the incredible One Marylebone, London. The day is also being supported by Wedding Magazine, who are on board to style the models for the photo shoot portion of the day. The magazine will also be featuring some of the images taken of the event in a future issue (!)

The workshop will be a full day of branding, specifically focused on the first steps of creating a brand, and the eight components of creating a brand:
1.  Creating a logo to reflect YOU
2.  Selective clientele
3.  Client care
4.  Branding correspondence
5.  Branding your online presence
6.  Branding photos
7.  Networking your brand
8.  Branding post processing

While having discussed these topics before online, in this workshop Jasmine will go into depth about personal decisions she made to cultivate and foster her rapidly growing business.  In order to keep it intimate and enable attendees to have the individual attention of both Jasmine & JD, the class will be limited to 20 students…and I have been reliably informed that no questions will be off limits!

In the afternoon there will be a bridal shoot portion of the day styled by the fabulous team at Wedding Magazine. Jasmine will demonstrate her natural posing technique and offer her tips on using natural lighting, as well as give access to students to photograph the models for personal portfolios.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided by The Recipe, and after the day is done, we’ll all head out to dinner together.

As I said, student spaces are limited to just 20 and coupled with the fact that this is Jasmine’s first time in the UK, I can safely say that event is going to sell out FAST. The workshop costs £900 and breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided.

You can learn more about Jasmine’s workshops here and to reserve your spot, you can register right here.

OK, I think that’s it for now. Boy…I might just burst. There have already been a few rumours flying around the internet after Jasmine alluded to the fact that she was planning on crossing the ‘pond’ on her blog last week. Do you know how hard it has been for me to keep this all a secret up until now!? Wow, it feels so good to finally share!

Quickly, I also need to give a shout out to everyone who’s working alongside me in this epic project. I’m literally so excited to have such an incredible team behind me so thank you thank you thank you!

Jasmine Star & JD (of course)
Alicia and the whole team at One Marylebone, London
Wedding Magazine
The Recipe
Great Hire
Sev of The Hepburn Collection
Elbie Van Eeden
Pollen Nation

Now I don’t mean to rush you…but seriously, go! go! go!


  1. This is bombastic! I’m pretty sure you’re becoming the queen of uk wedding world in this moment 😉

  2. This is amazing – thanks for all your hard work in representing what us photographers want!!! I am so keen, I know I need to be fast but I need to get the go ahead from my fiance… I asked him if I could go on this course instead of us going on honeymoon next month!!!

  3. Post author

    Jessica – ive just seen on twitter that two people have already registered. this is gonna go fast for sure! i hope you can come!

  4. ohhhhhh! Wish I could join, but I can’t take a day off at work during that period! :-/ Have fun, girls! xx

  5. I’ve registered! Jasmine was the first person I ever heard talk about branding in a way that made me excited. Can’t wait to meet her, and chat business with some of the best IN the business!

  6. Yay!!! I’ve registered!!! I also can’t wait to not only chat business with the best but meeting like minded people.

  7. Chanelle, I did wonder for…ooh about 45 seconds 😉 I think that, even though I’m fairly happy with my brand, spending time with someone as clued up as J*, plus hanging out with Kat, Elbie, Julia, Alicia and Sev for the day, is bound to be a huge motivational boost, and so much FUN!

  8. Post author

    Eliza youre so right. what i love about hearing Jasmine speak is how motivational she is. Plus according to Jasmine your brand should constantly be evolving and moving forward, now matter how happy you are with it!

  9. Post author

    Julia – big love to you and the whole team at wedding magazine for being involved! As you can imagine ive been inundated this am with people wanting to loan us jewellery, accessories etc. i’ll send you a list at a later date!

  10. OMG!!! I wished and I wished – and it came true! J* to the UK – can’t believe it. I’m registered and just praying I get to go – ths lady is one of the big reasons i didn’t quit my business. Kat you rock on so many levels, getting this lady to the UK – amazing! Can I call you K* from now on? :o)

  11. Thank you so much for organising this Kat!! I truly hope I got in there in time like Jaz. This is such a fantastic opportunity.
    ♥ Cathie

  12. Oh Wow!!! That’s amazing that you’ve got the mighty J to grace us with her Starness. Well done. Wish I could go but sadly not this time.

    I hope you all have an amazing time – I’m trying to sound gracious but, the truth is, I’m just an eensy wee bit jealous. Does that make me a bad person? 😉

  13. why am i about to cry reading this. one day in this lifetime, i shall be able to get in ‘Jasmine Star’s workshop. i swear! 😛 swooming envy to everyone in UK goin’ in! 😛 bursting excitement for you Kat! 😛

  14. Tanya

    This is such great news – but alas and as a few other togs have mentioned….. £900 a pop is just too much for some photographers who are just starting out………. perhaps next time !

  15. Wow – just checking the post out again- I expect it will be sold out this week! (if not today!!) Well done Kat (and Jasmine!) look forward to seeing your email soon xxx

  16. I so wish I was a photographer right now!

    Jasmine is such an inspiration to me – when I first heard her talk about branding I genuinely felt like I was having Eureka moment and I still think ‘what would Jasmine do?’ all those months later. She just makes everything ‘click’ – and all without a single bit of boring business-speak. In my opinion she’s worth every single penny of the workshop fee.

    Well done to Kat for seizing the day and getting Jasmine over here at last!


  17. Jane Henderson

    I have just discovered J* she is amazing, open and honest, and totally shares everything she has learned (as well as life experience). I am literally starting out on my photography career….. just purchased equipment last week…. would it be too soon to go on the workshop… or is it perfect timing!! Jx

  18. Karin

    I would soooo love to go to the workshop, but I just started in the photography business and left some Swiss Francs for my new lenses.
    But if you need a little slave to carry your bags, or anything like that, PLEASE REMEMBER I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY TO DO THAT!
    I wish you luck and all the best. Say hello to lovely Jasmine!!!! =)))

  19. This sounds amazing but I’m also at the early stages of my career and this is completely out of my reach. It’s a shame as people like me and other newer photographers could really benefit from Jasmine’s experience and wisdom.

  20. I am very tempted by this – but fear so early in my career its a bit much for me to splashing out – I hope its very successful and j* comes back to the UK for a 2nd one

  21. Laura, you can. If you have major budget issues then invest in the Creative Live videos and watch those. They are fantastic.

  22. WOW – well done Kat, how super-exciting! Just goes to show what an happen if you go for it – well done for sending that email! I really hope this is the first of many j* workshops over here as I won’t be able to make it to this one 🙁 I’m sure it will be a totally amazing day, j* is my hero – I LOVE how real and POSITIVE she is in an industry that isn’t often so… Can’t wait to hear all about it from you lucky people who get to go!

  23. I am soooo excited about this, you just don’t understand! I absolutely love J* and am so fortunate to be able to attend her workshop! Also I get to meet Kat! Like two of my idols in one day! One word – Awesome!

  24. I s wish I could go! I have loved J* for years! But unfortunately I am right in the middle of buying a house and I am not sure my solicitor would understand if I used her money to go on a course :$

    Hopefully next time!

  25. I have seen Jasmine’s work on line and have aslo seen one of her training videos – awesome! I think it’s fantastic when artist such as Jasmine come to the UK to share their skills and experience. Can’t wait.


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