Wedding Photography Workshops 2012

May 29, 2012

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love a photography workshop. No, I know, I’m not a professional photographer but I find them so inspiring! I’ve also been lucky enough to be involved with organising, speaking at and generally sharing the love for so many of them. So, today I thought I’d put together a comprehensive list of some of the ones that are coming up soon. There is a workshop out there for you, the hardest part is picking the right one!

The Photography Farm – Lisa Devlin

Where: The Photography Farm, Sussex, UK
When: 16th-18th July 2012
Duration: 3 days
Price: £950
Included: Food (breakfast, lunch & dinner for 2 days, breakfast on the 3rd) & accommodation for 2 nights. Goodie bag & discounts.
Maximum Number of Attendees: 10
Syllabus: Planning of engagement shoots and wedding photography. Styled bridal shoot and engagement shoot. Post-Production. Blogging (guest speaker Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride – how to improve your own blogs and get featured on professional wedding blogs). Business School. One-to-one session with Lisa. After-support via a private, closed facebook group. Access to swimming pool & hot tub (!)

For Enquires & Bookings: Email Lisa on or call 01273231047. More info via the Photography Farm website.

Win a place at the Photography Farm: For you chance to win a spot at the July Photography Farm tweet @photographyfarm or leave a message on the wall of the Photography Farm facebook page and let Lisa know why you think yuo should be there!

Film is not Dead – Jonathan Canalas

Where: Surrey, UK
When: May 28th-30th (Workshops also taking place in Boston – June 11th-13th and Charleston SC – Oct 15th-17th)
Duration: 3 days
Price: $2300
Included: Breakfast & lunch on all 3 days. Goodie bag & discounts.
Maximum Number of Attendees: 15
Syllabus: FILM – who, what, when, where, why and how? Getting published. The Power of a blog. On and off camera flash with film. Storytelling through details. Loving Family Formals. Instaproofs : how it will change your life. Refining your vision.

For Enquires & Bookings: Email Jonathan on More info via the Film is not Dead website.

Feet First – Our Labor of Love & Max Wanger

Where: New York City
When: 1st & 2nd August 2012
Duration: 2 days
Price: $1500
Included: Breakfast & Lunch on both days. Goodie bag & discounts.
Maximum Number of Attendees: 20
Syllabus: You will learn about our ideas & philosophies. Marketing. Client relations. Technical concepts. Packaging. The gear we use. Pricing. Lighting. Editing. Albums. Finding ways to stay inspired. Styled shoot.

For Enquires & Bookings: Email on More info via the Feet First website.

Sales Bootcamp – Julia Boggio

Where: Hasselblad Studios, Hoxton
When: 8th June and 21st September 2012
Duration: 1 day
Price: £199 (+VAT)
Included: Lunch, teas & coffees
Maximum Number of Attendees: 30
Syllabus: “As a photographer, you could take the most beautiful photos in the world, but if you don’t know how to sell them and yourself, you won’t have a business for very long. The Sales Bootcamp, in conjunction with Hasselblad and other great partners, is a day where we’ll show you how to have the confidence to make money from your photography. With his years of training and experience in sales, James will show you how we consistently achieve thousands of pounds worth of portrait sales at our studio. He’ll also show you how to get clients to buy from you, how to value your work, and also how to get that phone to ring in the first place.”

For Enquires & Bookings: Book your spot here or by calling 020 7042 9777. More info via the Sales Bootcamp website.

Special offer for Rock n Roll Bride readers: If you book and get three of your friends to book, then you will receive a half-hour portfolio review with Julia at Julia Boggio Studios, Wimbledon. Just email us on with the name of the three friends after they’ve booked to confirm your prize.

Bridezilla Bootcamp – FX Films, Reel Vision, Jeff Wood Visuals

Where: Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire
When: TBC (in the next few months – but you can reserve your spot now!)
Duration: 2 days
Price: £395
Included: Food. Goodie bag & discounts.
Maximum Number of Attendees: 30
Syllabus: This is a workshop for videographers. Covering as many aspects of filming and editing weddings as possible. Looking at kitlists, DSLR cameras, different editing systems, filming techniques, short-form storytelling, colour-grading, audio, dealing with clients, business, marketing…

For Enquiries & Bookings: Email or More info via the Bridezilla Bootcamp website.

Artist’s Workshop – Feather Love Photography

Where: Noa’s home, San Diego
When: 28th & 29th June 2012
Duration: 2 days
Price: $1135 (or $750 for a 1-day pass)
Included: Meals & transportation
Maximum Number of Attendees: 20
Syllabus: A shoot with celebrity/actress Sarah Carter, Polaroid class with Chloe Aftel, excellent guest speakers, everything I know, lunch on both days + dinner & wine, after party. Apply everything you have learned on Day 1 into the shoots on Day 2. You will go home totally inspired and with the practical tools you need to make creative changes.

Collage of images taken by Noa at her home & studio where the workshop will be taking place

For Enquiries & Bookings: Book your spot here. Email Noa on with any questions. More info via the Artist’s Workshop website.

Mnoo School – Marianne Taylor

Where: London or Surrey (tbc)
When: 24th-25th of October 2012
Duration: 2 days
Price: £795 (tbc)
Included: Lunch will be provided on both days. Selected workshops will feature an exciting guest speaker.
Maximum Number of Attendees: 15
Syllabus: The mnoo school workshops concentrate on exploring how to build a successful business around your passion. We will talk about nurturing your craft and identifying your style, as well as how to create a business that leverages your unique strengths and talents. Topics will include, but are not limited to: Being authentic and living your passion, Curiosity & courage, Client communication, Finding your style, Pricing, marketing and customer service, Making things happen.

For Enquiries & Bookings: You can book your spot here and can contact Marianne through the site with any questions. More info via the Mnoo website.

Training with Style – Brett Harkness

Where: Knowsley Hall, Liverpool
When: 11th June 2012
Duration: 1 day
Price: £345 (+VAT)
Included: Lunch, teas, coffees & discount on products
Maximum Number of Attendees: 10
Syllabus: How to produce breathtaking images packed with emotion. Balancing flash with daylight & over riding the ambiance. Fabulous images to use on your own site. Using basic flash guns & ELINCHROM QUADRA & Ranger lights. A great day to learn all you can about Brett’s method. Spend the day asking questions, great company and shooting as much as you can.

For Enquiries & Bookings: You can book your spot here and more info on the course can be found on his training website.

1:1 Mentoring – Joanna Brown

Where: Joanna’s home, Sussex
When: Can take bookings between October & March
Duration: 1 day, 1/2 day or 2 hour Skype session
Price: £500 (full day) £350 (half day) or £175 (2 hour Skype)
Included: Lunch, transport from station, homemade cake, teas & coffees, an inspirational notebook, follow up Skype session (full and half days), cuddles with Percy the cat and maybe even Margot the chicken.
Maximum Number of Attendees: 1
Syllabus:  My mentoring sessions are a unique 1:1 bespoke training experience for photographers. I am 100% committed to helping my students really visualize their dreams and create the business that is totally about them and what they believe in. I am certain that to become a successful photographer you need to be able to be both a passionate and skilled photographer and at the same time a savvy business person. This is within everybody’s reach.

Each session bespoke to each student that is based on the information that I receive from them. I offer a range of sessions to help accommodate a range of individuals needs: A Full day session which includes a real couples shoot for them to shadow and shoot alongside with me. A half-day session which includes a portrait shoot shot by me, or Skype sessions for students that are not able to visit the cottage so I come to them through the power of Skype.

For Enquiries & Bookings: For more info or book your space, email Joanna on

There will also be new dates for photography workshops with Emma CaseJose VillaFeather + Stone, Chris Barber & Steve Gerrard announced soon. I’ll bring you more info on these via The Green Room as I have it!