An Elizabethan/Alexander McQueen-Inspired Shoot

Do you remember the last shoot I featured that was styled by Sugar and Fluff? It was super duper popular with you lot, and I’m convinced this second set will have just as big an impact.

The inspiration they ran with for this session was the Elizabethan period, “A sort of cold, romantic, dark and lethargic feel that illustrates the Elizabethan theater and also the dramatic style of the talented William Shakespeare,” explained stylist Aasim. “Christine Farah and Sugar and Fluff came up with the story of the Widow/Great dame of the manor. It’s a woman who sustains herself by luring men into her house/lair concocting a web of seduction and then having her way with them. She invites her guests to her bedroom where she draws her preys. ย She then lures them into the dining room where there’s a grand feast on her dress (that’s simultaneously a table) The feast looks too good to be real…enhanced to look golden in the light…but…upon closer inspection…it IS golden!”

“We were also heavily inspired by Alexander McQueen’s love for the Elizabethan era. We love that he was able to incorporate the idea of ruffs and doublets into a modern twist.ย McQueen was inspired by dark concepts and found the light and beauty in it.”

Love and thanks to everyone involved in this fabulous shoot.

Photography Credit: Christine Farah
Event Design and Styling: Sugar and Fluff
Flowers: Floral Occasions
Hair and Make up: Christina Hernandez


  1. Charlotte

    AH SO PRETTY! And I LOVE her hair…might have to take a couple pics along to my hairdresser for a trial soon…!

    Thanks muchly for sharing!

  2. sugar & fluff are one of the few small groups out there of innovative designers who are breaking outside the box & truly acting as artists in this industry. what i love about this inspirational shoot is that you can actually feel the “inspiration”… it’s not ‘direct’ or ‘obvious’. inspiration shoots that are directly influenced, ie: “re-created” are not truly inspired. S&F’s influences are filtered through them, and then re-released in a uniquely beautiful & atmospheric way…. they know what they are doing: they have depth and an incredible multi-dimensional approach to their work. and i love their creativity and fierce dedication to their art- first and foremost…! can’t wait to work with them again… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thank you again for featuring our shoot! It is always nice to be able to step outside of the normal bridal box and have people like you support that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Loved collaborating on this with Sugar & Fluff (Noa above said it perfectly!) and Christine Farah Photography, so full of fun, outside the box ideas. Thanks for featuring our work Kat, you freekin rock!!

    BTW: My 20 year old daughter, who isn’t even engaged yet, always says; “Mom!! Have you seen Rock n Roll Bride today yet??” She loves what you do ๐Ÿ™‚


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