A Sneak Peek – Emma & Pete got Married…and it was AWESOME!

March 20, 2011

Photography Credit: Steve Gerrard

It’s a bit unconventional for me to do two posts on a Sunday, but I just had to pop by and share a few sneak peeks of where I was last night.

Emma & Pete got married!

Photography Credit: Steve Gerrard

The whole wedding was a surprise. We were invited under false pretences as it was also Emma’s 30th Birthday (although I actually already knew it was happening…and it was so hard to keep it a secret!)

Halfway through the night, the couple disappeared, got changed (Emma into a stunning vintage dress from Fur Coat No Knickers) and got married right in front of us. I cried like an actual baby.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the professional photos from Steve Gerrard & Joanna Brown, but for now, camera phone sneakage…

Man, the photo booth was hella fun…

…and was there ever any doubt?

After the wedding we went clubbing, sang karaoke (badly) and rounded the night off with a curry at 3am…can’t get much more Rock n Roll than that can you?!

Huge congratulations to my friends Emma & Pete. I am so bloomin’ happy for you.

More photo goodness and a full report to come, I promise!

EDIT: More photo preview goodness from Joanna Brown. We couldn’t resist!

This is so magical…


  1. Karen

    In floods AGAIN, Toni your story just gets me every time!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the photo of you hugging Colin with tears in your eyes is just EVERYTHING. Sassy, you have captured the moment perfectly!

    What an amazing couple. Too cool for school xxx

  2. Rebecca

    What a fabulously colourful, gorgeous wedding!
    And what an amazing thing for Colin to do, beautiful.
    Toni & Colin, you really are an ace couple and these photos are just perfect – Sassy, as always the pictures are perfect.

    And agree with Karen, the picture of you guys hugging is GORGEOUS

  3. Amazing! Especially as the first look photos were (I think) taken in one of my fave places – City Cafe in Edinburgh? Love that place and I’ve always thought its a great setting. Love the dress too and most of all loving the groom’s shoes – immense!

  4. Thank you so much Kat for featuring Toni and Colin’s big day today, it was a truly amazing day…..soooo emotional!!!

    I feel I can’t not mention City Cafe in Edinburgh where we did the first look and a whole ton of these pictures. The went above and beyond, without their help and co-operation these pictures would not be what they are…..they even cleared candles from back grounds and really looked after us. It is an amazing place, day and night and they even have a function room. Their website is http://www.thecitycafe.co.uk

    Thank you every one for your lovely comments 🙂 I LOVE my customers!!! xx

  5. Zara

    Toni, I will never bore of reading your story and looking at your pics. You are an inspiration to so many brides out there that a wedding can be truly epic on a small budget. Love it all. xx

  6. Clare

    Yay Toni.. such an amazing wedding for a great couple!

    you both deserved your perfect day x

  7. Amazing ,loved everything . Im not planning to get married again lol but if i was this would be such an inspiration . What a wonderful couple .


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