1. I spot some rainbowness!!!

    So sad I won’t be able to see it live, I’ll be landing in Johannesburg around that time… Will pop in tomorrow night hough. So exciting!!!!

  2. Post author

    yeah im such a tease! hehe i am so excited for you all to see them. i gave someone a sneak peek of the video and she cried!

  3. OMG i am seriously dying to see this, I cannnot wait, you look sooo lovely cat!! Would love to be involved with something like this, what a fab reason to look forward to a Monday, !!! Tick tock…..Thanks for teasing xx

  4. Now I am actually looking FORWARD to a Monday morning… can’t wait ♥♥♥…Not wrong at all Lisa, champagne at 9am is absolutely allowed, mind if I join you…Cheers for then xxx


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