Abbie & Steven’s Snow-Capped, Twitter Inspired Wedding

Abbie & Steven found a lot of their wedding day inspiration online, including Rock n Roll Bride, which makes their wedding a very special one indeed. I’ve followed the bride on Twitter for the last few months in fact so I do feel a little bit like I’ve been along for the ride of their wedding planning!

“I don’t think we ever set out to be different just be ourselves. We never liked the ideas of themes as it can often just become gimmicky and lose sight that it’s actually a wedding and not some theme party,” Abbie told me. ” Ensuring it felt like a wedding was really important to us but we didn’t believe that meant keeping it traditional. This is not an easy balance to strike, it’s not about rebelling for the sake of it but picking and choosing the things that mean something to you.”

“Making decisions about the day was a pretty organic process; we either saw things we liked or bounced ideas around, although Steven lived in fear of my wedding mantra ‘I’ve had an idea’. So the day ended up being a bit of a hotchpotch, which kind of defies definition which suited us fine. Being a bit of a twitter geek that was probably my main planning and ideas tool. We found our photographer, hair and make-up, jewellery and shoes using Twitter. Using Twitter was great as we were able to build up some really good relationships with our suppliers before the wedding, especially with Chris and Dani the photographers and Elbie Van Eeden the hair and make-up artist. We got so much more out of the experience because by they knew us and knew what we liked, our style and the kind of day we wanted to have.”

“I feel like I have to tell people about how amazing Elbie is, she worked so hard on the day and she is immensely talented. I didn’t want the traditional bridal look, I wanted something a bit more dramatic and Elbie just ran with this and came up with something amazing. I’m sure she’s a little bit magic. The photographers Chris and Dani were absolute stars they not only produced the most fantastic photos but managed to put everyone at ease. We wanted them to feel part of the wedding so they sat with some of my relatives during the wedding breakfast and when I was speaking to the relatives later they said that Chris and Dani felt like part of the family.”

Abbie wore a dress from Tom Flowers and amazing glittery shoes from Schuh. I am also a HUGE fan of her faux fur leopard print coat which was a last minute addition for the portraits in the snow! The couple did a few DIY projects including the groom making the giant cupcake and the couple using horse shoes from Abbie’s Dad’s horses as part of their décor.

“You can try and plan every minute to be perfect but there will always be those things that come out of left field that you can’t control”, concluded Abbie. “At our wedding, one of my best friends waters broke at the start of the ceremony, snow prevented a table of guests from actually getting there and within 5 minutes of exiting the ceremony a guest spilt mulled wine all down my dress.  You just have to take these things in your stride, it’s the stuff you don’t plan that you will remember later (in a good way, honest).”

I just love them don’t you? And seriously…don’t get me started on the faux fur leopard coat…I totally ADORE this bridal look!

Huge thanks and big love to Abbie & Steven and their ace photographer’s Chris & Dani for sharing this epically fabulous wedding with us today

Photography Credit: Chris Barber Media
Bride’s Dress: Tom Flowers
Bride’s Shoes: Schuh
Bride’s Coat: Betty Jackson.Black at Debenhams
Bride’s Headpiece: Flo and Percy – Cheshire comb
Bride’s Necklace: Magpie Vintage at Queens & Bowl
Bride’s Bracelet: Flo and Percy
Bride’s Earrings: Vintage
Groom’s Outfit: Nicholas Smith
Bridesmaid Dresses: Teatro (dis-continued)
Cupcakes: Kate’s Cupcakes
Large Cupcake: DIY
Flowers: Bijoux Flowers
DJ: Revolution Discos
Hair & Make Up: Elbie Van Eeden


  1. What a gorgeous wedding! As a fellow net geek, I’m curious as to how you used Twitter to find vendors and get organised – do you have any tips to share?

  2. Salma

    Loving the blue nail varnish! I’m currently thinking of sporting pillar box red on my day!

  3. @ Rachel
    There wasnt anthing I did specfically in terms of using Twitter to source suppliers it just sort of happened. I would put tweets out there about things I was looking for and people would come back to me with recommendations. I think this is probably the best way to go about it, by building up your contacts and the work is pretty much done for you. It’s then up yo you to do your research and make sure they are the right people for you.
    I have to say I tended to go for those suppliers who had a human twitter face and werent all about the business. This way we were able to have a proper relationship and discourse with our suppliers, rather than just exchange a few emails and hope we were on the same page.

    Hope this helps but let me know if you want anymore info.

    Abbie x

  4. Thanks Abbie – that makes perfect sense. We’re just starting to shop around for venues at the moment, and are trying to avoid traditional/conventional wedding spots. I have a fairly substantial twitter community, so it might make sense to throw out to them if they know of anywhere that might suit out tastes and (relatively meagre) budget.

  5. Rachel if you want to find me on twitter my user name is Tattybojangles.

    Maybe its something Kat could talk about in her video blog, how you can use social media when planning a wedding?

    Thank you for all the l

  6. Thanks for all your great comments…. we had an amazing day and Abbie looks absolutely gorgeous.

    For all those planning a wedding, the one thing that we didn’t compromise on at all was photographer. We spent some time looks through various websites at many photos that were either spot-coloured or with soft focus (both BLEUGH!) before Abbie found Chris and Dani on Twitter, via Emily Quinton.

    Apart from the fact that they are amazing photographers, I think getting to know them beforehand really helps and keep them well fed (I was so surprised at the amount of wedding photographers that aren’t fed – they are there longer than the guests)… by sitting them with our family, and not isolated out of the way really helped too, and this is certainly reflected by the photographs.

    Plus have some fun 🙂

    Steven (@stenweb)

  7. Pickle

    Abbie – I’m not sure if I’m allowed to do this but I was just wondering how you found the staff at Brownsover with regards to organising the wedding? (sorry Kat if I’m breaking any rules by asking this!!!!!)

  8. @Pickle We didn’t really hear much from them until about 3-4 months before the wedding. Then it was a bit of a rush at the last minute to organise the day. I am a bit of an organisation freak so I did find this a bit frustrating but if I called or emailed I would get an answer to my query.
    My advice would be to get a plan together of how you want the day to go so you are ready to complete their pro-forma when it comes through, which will give you more time to tweak the arrangements to suit you.

    On the day however, I couldn’t fault them, they were fantastic.

  9. Pickle

    Thanks Abbie! I think I am worrying about nothing…I think I feel it’s out of my hands and I’m a bit of a control freak (this is the 3rd venue – and hopefully final- we have booked!) They do seem really lovely when I speak to them. And the venue looks lovely in your photos. Thanks for the advice, and glad you had a lovely day (I love the jacket!) x


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