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Edgy Sicilian Wedding By the Sea

The key words for this wedding are light, magic, and style. With their guests dressed in black, and the couple both in designer label white, plus having Mount Etna and the sea as their view, Giuliana and Buccio pulled off a frankly stunning looking day.

A real long-distance love story, the bride explained how they met, “I was in London, he was based in Milan. One day, we started chatting on a social network and it ended up with messaging and calling each other any time of every day. After a month, I booked a ticket to Milan for three days to understand more about this addictive relationship, and we both realised it was something big called ‘love’. Since then we’ve lived together in London for more than four years.”

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A New England Fall Wedding: Joe & Carrie

Beautiful Autumn touches were the theme for Joe & Carrie’s New England wedding. Although it rained on the day, there were no damp spirits, with the couple embracing the location in every way they could.

“Originally the ceremony was supposed to be outside on a hill but in true New England style it was one of the rainiest weekends in months,” photographer Zac Wolf  told me, “but when their back up plan was to have the ceremony in an beautiful rustic barn rain wasn’t the end of the world. Toward the end of the wedding they even braved the rain to get some photos of them feeding the goats!”

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Tess & Ray’s Dream-Like Backyard Wedding

Tess & Ray’s backyard wedding is pretty much what my dreams look like. Tess told me all about it and I swooned over every detail, “From the very beginning Ray and I knew that we wanted our wedding to be relaxed and FUN, but most importantly something we could be proud of.   We wanted to stay true to ourselves and not worry about any kind of fuss or frill.  We wanted to make our dream a reality without breaking our backs trying to pay for it.”

“About 9 months into planning we came to the realization that we could no longer have our wedding at the venue we had originally booked – so with 3 months to go before the big day, we were left without a venue.  Luckily for us, my wonderful in-laws have a beautiful backyard and we decided to take the leap into planning our brand new backyard wedding – a much different affair than the one we had been planning for the previous 9 months.”

“To say it was easy, would be a lie.  We could not have put everything together without the help of our amazing families and friends.  From my husband and his family tirelessly working on the house and yard for weeks to my family endlessly running errands for us to getting everyone together for pizza, beer, and bouquet making the night before the wedding!”

“I had a good idea of what I wanted our flowers to look like and knew that with the help of my bridal party and family, we could pull them off ourselves.  I ordered the flowers wholesale online from fiftyflowers.com and bought a few additional rose bouquets from Costco the day before the wedding.  Best decision ever.  We saved a fortune and had a ton of fun doing it!  Over the course of our engagement I scowered etsy, eBay, and antique stores for vintage tins, glass vases, and glass cake stands for our centerpieces and the dessert table.  My dad made an awesome swing that we hung from a tree in the front yard, he also made our wedding sign, and put together – with help from my brother-in-law the hanging rose/vase arch that we were married in front of.”

“Instead of having a formal rehearsal dinner, our immediate families and bridal party all got together and set everything up together the night before the big day.  We ordered pizza, hung lights, set tables, and told stories.  The amount of work that my husband and his family put into the yard was so incredible and it looked perfect!  It was the best rehearsal dinner for us.  Putting the bouquets and centerpieces together with my sisters, my bridesmaids, my mom, and my mom in law the night before the wedding was a wonderfully calming experience for me as the bride, and made me realize how lucky and loved we are.”

“The other best decision we could have ever made was having a pig roast (sorry to all you veggies out there.)  My husband had said several times, in the beginning stages of planning, that he wished we could have a pig roast.  With our initial venue, it wouldn’t have been a possibility for us.  When plans changed months later, we revisited the idea and after doing our research we found that it was much easier (and cheaper!) to do than what we had initially thought.  We found an amazing company, Double D Pig Roasts, who literally started roasting the pig in a trailer in the driveway at 6am on the morning of the wedding.  They were incredible to work with, no fuss and down to earth, and the food was so seriously delicious!  We saved a fortune having the pig roast and it truly was a totally wonderful experience!  My cousin works at the bakery where we got our beautiful and yummy cake, Naples Bakery, and my mom got us the adorable and delicious pink macaroons from Vanille.”

“I had seen my ceremony dress at Silver Moon in Chicago a few months before Ray and I got engaged, and thought “I will wear that on my wedding day”.  About 6 months later, after literally having dreams about it, and very much doubting it would still be at the shop, I went back and miraculously – there she was!  And she fit!  It was meant to be.  My mom and I found my reception dress at All Saints Spitafields.  We weren’t looking for a dress at the time, but I fell in love, and decided that it was the perfect dancin’ dress.  I didn’t break the bank on either of my dresses and I love them even more for that reason! I also found an awesome etsy seller, Pixel and Hank, to custom make one of her veils in a blush pink tulle that would match the color of my dress.  It turned out perfectly!  The flowers in my hair were pink peonies cut from my parent’s garden the morning of the wedding, given to me by my mom.”

“I knew I wanted my bridesmaids to each wear a different dress, and I knew I wanted to try to keep the dresses as affordable and re-wearable as possible.  Over the course of a few months I picked out several dress options for each girl and let them pick the one that they liked best!  A few of the girls picked out their own dresses too!  The groomsmen were told a color scheme of black, white, and grey and to wear whatever they wanted – they looked awesome!”

“Planning a wedding is a funny thing, it can feel so wonderful and so stressful at the same time – and at the end of the day – it truly does all come together and is just the best day ever!  Our wedding was just the way we wanted it, imperfections and all, and looking through the pictures I feel the same happiness that I felt that day.  It was a whirlwind of joy, emotions, togetherness and love.  We were able to feel how much the people in our lives loved and supported us as individuals and as a couple – and we could not be more grateful to have had the pleasure of experiencing that feeling…and on top of it all we had SO MUCH FUN!”

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Charly & Kelly’s Pink, Red & Valentine’s Backyard Wedding

I’ve got another couple that you might recognise adoring these pages this afternoon. Do you remember this incredibly gorgeous vintage, floral and tattooed bridal shoot? Well the wedding to go along with the stunning shoot is just as visually gorgeous.

Charly & Kelly has a beautiful back garden wedding in June at the bride’s parent’s home. The couple were married at 7pm by Lisa Torti, a mutual friend who had introduced them. They filled the garden with twinkly lights, giant pink bows and candles. The bride started collecting candy, cupcake and valentine themed items early on in the planning to use as decorations. The awesome spider candle holders used as centrepieces were purchased during Halloween, to which she added pink and red bows. The invitations were made by the groom’s aunt and included a vintage valentine that was used as the reply card.

Guests were encouraged to dress or accessorize in red or pink to complement the wedding colours – the over all impact was a visually stunning one! As favours the guests were given sugar skulls wrapped in clear bags, and tied with a candy necklace. The skulls were hand-delivered from Mexico by the groom’s cousin.

Kelly wore the same Betsey Johnson dress and shoes that she looked so beautiful in on her bridal shoot with Tarina Tarantino jewellery. She carried a vintage handkerchief from Pasadena flea market.

“We both love music and know how important it is to set the mood of the wedding, so we selected our music carefully”, Kelly explained. “We made several wedding mixes that played during different phases. As guests entered, swing and big band tunes played, mixed with a little Dusty Springfield and Burt Bacharach.”

“I walked down the isle to an acoustic version of “Wonder wall,“ by Ryan Adams and the couple exited to “God Only Knows,” and “Wouldn’t it be Nice.” by the Beach Boys. Just after the ceremony and into the dinner hour, the mixed featured love songs from the likes of Psychedelic Furs, Beatles, and Smashing Pumpkins. As the guests hit the dance floor, out DJ took over, and played tunes from Michael Jackson and Prince.”

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Emma & Matt’s Detail-Perfect BBQ Wedding

It’s the little details that excite me, details like all that attention and love put into Emma & Matt’s Rock n Roll Wedding. The couple, who found their photographer Caro Hutchings through a feature on Rock n Roll Bride, got married St Mary’s Church in Yorkshire. After the ceremony, the whole party boarded a vintage double decker bus which took them to the reception, held at The Blue Lion, East Witton.

“We got married a year to the day of our engagement,” the bride told me. “We’re both known for being nerdy, creative and a tiny bit clothes obsessed so we were never going to have a typical wedding. When it came to thinking of a “theme” we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to have to be whatever we and everyone else wants!  We also wanted a day that showed everybody just how much we love each other.  We haven’t been together as long as a lot of couples, but from the day we “accidentally” got together on a work night out, we’ve both known its for good. Our guests have seen us grow up, enjoy life,  but ever single person there agreed that neither of us have been so happy as we are together.”
“Rock n Roll Bride was a HUUUUUGE inspiration for the day – it made us realise that we could have everything we wanted without upsetting our parents, who were secretly longing for a traditional wedding day. Nobody had to compromise on anything, the day was so laid back, so cool, so us.”

The reception consisted of a casual BBQ and an awesome band playing into the night! “The BBQ meant that the guests could roam around and take in the beautiful surroundings at The Blue Lion,” Emma continued.  We’re both very impatient (not to mention greedy!) so it was an inspired choice! Music is so important to both of us, so finding The Moobs was a stroke of extreme Rock n Roll luck – The dance floor was packed for every single dance. The coolest thing about the wedding for both of us was that we spent it with the people we love, the rehearsal the night before consisted of the, people we couldn’t live without. People we couldn’t live without and a great deal of tears!”

The cupcakes were made by the Mother of the bride, the flowers were all arranged by the Mother of the groom and the bridesmaids were all asked to find and style their own outfits, making the whole day a really group effort. The marquee decor was created by the bride, the Mother of the bride, the maid of honour and the Mother of the groom. “We spend the year leading up to the wedding going in every charity shop we knew, to source tons of broken and mismatched tea sets. These were filled with candles and sweeties and joined on the tables by birdcages and various other bits of kitsch.  As it got dark, the roof was lit up like a night sky and the trees outside were twinkling with fairy lights” Emma reminisced.

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Somewhere over the Rainbow

“Somewheeeere over the raaaainbow…waaaay up hiiigh”

Oh yes I do love The Wizard of Oz and when I saw Eagen & Jason’s wedding and it’s nods to Oz, I knew it was perfect for a little blogging. What I love particularly about the wedding is that the theme hasn’t taken over the day – it’s not cheesy, it’s not crass, it’s not cringy – they have just included a few subtle nods to the movie in an oh so stylish way. The emerald (city) bridemaid dresses,the table names, the sparkly ‘Dorothy’ shoes.

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A Vintage, Rustic and Uber Chic Yorkshire Wedding

One of the greatest things about my job as a blogging maestro is all the wonderful people I get to meet…and it’s even better when we get to meet in real life! The delightful Emma Case is down in London for a few weeks and so emailed me and suggested we meet up go out for Sushi. Now, those that know me will be well aware that I’m not one to say no to Sushi! We met up last Tuesday and immediately hit it off, talking non-stop about wedding planning, photography, blogging, husbands, proposals, flowers, music…you know the drill! I was particularly excited to hear about some fabulous weddings she’s shot over the past few weeks and lucky for you I got first dibs on sharing them all with you (score!)

First up is Helene & Simon’s fabulously chic and rustic Yorkshire wedding and Helene looks ridiculously gorgeous in her vintage style dress made for her by Dresses at No. 9?

Perfectly Captured Moments

What I love about Sonya & Toby’s Cotswold’s wedding was the moments photographer David Jenkins seemed to capture. Subtle, touching, intimate, hilarious…the images just jumped off the screen at me and I felt an instant affinity with the event. I could literally imagine being there.

Quite apart from the photography, the wedding was a simply darling English affair – the church looks elgeant (who says Rock n Roll Brides can’t get married in a chuch? Not me!) the venue looks sweet as hell and the details are fabulous. The bunting, the cupcakes, the flowers, the fairylights. I love it all!

David Jenkins Photography023

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Hannah & Ali’s Quirky, Art Deco and Too-Damn-Freakin’-Cool British Wedding

Do you remember Hannah & Ali’s awesome ‘at home’ engagement shoot complete with their awesome kitty cat? Well I was over the moon to receive an email full to bursting with their quirky, art deco, vintagey wedding goodness from their photographer Steve Gerrard just the other day. I am loving Hannah’s Jenny Packham dress and headband (le swoon indeed) and the bridesmaids look just too damn cool for school in their All Saints dresses.

Their wedding took place just before Christmas at The Daffodil in Cheltenham, a fantastic converted 1920’s Art Deco picture house Steve tells us, The vintage theme continued throughout the wedding and I have to say I wish more couples would go down this route. I think it’s so cool and stylish. Hannah and Ali both looked amazing, but their guests also made a huge effort and win the award for best dressed guests ever!


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Out Of Focus Gorgeousness

I quite simply love these – the lanterns, the fairy lights, the huge ass white balloon, the out of focus gorgeousness – what’s not to love?

Credit: Jerry Yoon Photography via {Casando Idieas}

A Slow Slow Day

The weekends are slow internet days…it’s almost like everybodyhas better things to do than spend their days off looking at pretty things online! Unfortunately for me I don’t get the weekends off so still spend lonely hours online scouring the web for some weddingy gorgeousness to share with you all. Just check out what I found today – this magical image is to die for right? I’ve seen other images from this wedding previously, but this is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of this one…and aww I just uber heart it! Head over to One Love Photo to see the rest of the wedding (fairy lights!) but be sure to come right back, and if you haven’t already, enter the contest because tomorrow is your last day to do so. Finalists to be announced on Tuesday when you can then all vote for who you think deserves this fabulous prize. Woop woop!


Credit: One Love Photo

To Die For…

A junkyard, a vintage shop, awesome outfits, the longest legs in the world (probably)…what more could you ask for? I want to be this couple…who would have thought you could have so much glamour in one engagement shoot? Also the escalator shot reminded me of our engagement shoot too and that made me happy :o) clicky & clicky!

Thanks Jen, you are actually Rock Stars right? Oh and please can I have your legs!?

Credit: Cheyenne Schultz Photography